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it smells good

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Q: Why do you get an erection by just smelling a vagina?
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How do you get a good smelling vagina?


What does the term VLE stand for?

vagina love erection

Why does my moms vagina stink when she's pees?

The question is?? why are you smelling your moms vagina when she pees.....

Smelling from your vagina be a sign of pregnancy?

A smell from your vagina means you have a bacterial or fungal infection.

If drinking heavily and couldn't get an erection how likely is it to get a women pregnant?

To get a woman pregnant semen has to come in contact with the vagina. It is possible to ejaculate without an erection, did you ejaculate? And if so did the ejaculate come in contact with her vagina? Without an erection it would be difficult to deposit the semen deep within her vagina so it would be more difficult to get pregnant but I suppose if you ejaculated without an erection then took the ejaculate and pushed it into her vagina then it would be possible.

What is a vagina meant to smell like?

It is not "meant" to smell like anything. A foul smelling vagina means an unclean/infected vagina.

What does a smelling vagina mean?

it means you should probably see a doctor

Can you get pregnant if your husband has erectile dysfunction?

It is possible for a man to orgasm without an erection. If he was in you at all, or even just had the tip of his penis rub against your vagina, or if any sperm from him came into contact with your vagina, then you could get pregnant.

What are the actions of the bulbospongiosus in males and females?

In males: Assist emptying of urethra and assists in erection of penis. In females: Constricts vagina and assists in erection of clitoris

What is the average girth or width of a woman's vagina during sex?

The vagina is extremely flexible and can stretch or shrink to accommodate an erection no matter what the size.

What is genital engorgement?

For a man engorgement is his erection. for a woman it is her expanded, lengthened, ready vagina.

How does the penis get in the vagina during sex?

The man gets an erection and places his penis into the woman's vagina during sex. Preferably, his penis would have a condom on it.

Why do you sneeze when you get an erection?

You shouldn't sneeze when you get an erection... that's just wierd.

Do missed period plus having thick white secretions from the vagina mean that you're pregnant?

No it does not. It just means your vagina is cleaning itself out. Once it starts smelling like fish, that's when you need to go to the gyno for antifungal medication.

Is it normal for a guy to be grossed out when he sees a vagina?

yer but u put up with it n e way just to plz them ;) not realy, you should think "OMG" and get a huge erection

How do you stick your penis into a girl?

To insert your penis into a vagina the man must first get an erection. He then needs to loosen her vagina and get it to open. This can be done by fingering her. Once both steps have been completed you can stick your penis into her vagina.

How long does a penis be in the vagina?

As long as you want, but don't forget that once you've ejaculated, your erection subsides.

Why doesn't your penis bend upward during an erection?

because i wouldn't be able to do your mom in the vagina and the ass!!!

Is it normal to get an erection while grinding?

Any contact between your penis or vagina and someone else can be stimulating. Stimulation, touch, grinding should cause an erection in the male & enhanced blood flow for a woman. So; yes it is normal to get a erection while grinding.

Is it possible for you to get pregnant if your partner loses his erection while his penis is inside you?

Pregnancy can only occur when semen enters the vagina and fertilizes the egg. Unless semen from ejaculation reaches the inside of the vagina, the chance of pregnancy is very slim. Even if your partner lost his erection inside the vagina, there is a chance that seminal fluid could have entered the vaginal canal. Pregnancy is a possibility in this circumstance.

Hey.please help you and your girl friend were in your room and you just rubbed your penis above her vagina on her pubic hair and you did not come on herwhat are the chances of pregngncy.?

When you have an erection, there forms a drop of semen on the tip of the penis. Touching it anywhere near a vagina can cause pregnancy, even if you do not ejaculate.

What should you do if your 9 year old has a fishy smelling vagina?

its probably just her body producing different odors. make sure she has showers/baths at least 2 times a day and make sure she thoroughly cleans her vagina. if you are seriously concerned take her to see a doctor.

What does 'i got a erection' means?

He got an erection. May be true or just an expression of his feelings.

Can you get THC in your system just by smelling a bag of marijuana?

No, you do not get THC in your system by smelling a bag of marijuana.

You have brownish discharge from vagina and you are a virgin?

Go to the doctor if its also smelling different, could be an infection. However if its right before or after your menstrual cycle it may just be uterus lining that is not shedding right when your bleeding.