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Why do you get low red blood cell counts?

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That is most often the result of some dietary deficiency, usually B vitamin deficiency or iron deficiency or both.

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What causes low red cell counts and white cell counts?


What causes low red blood counts?

there are many causes of low red blood cell count. In general, it may be caused by underproduction of red blood cells, bleeding, hemolysis and even not enough number of normal hemoglobin.

What does a low Red blood cell count indicate?

low red blood cell count indicate anemia

What does having a low red blood cell count mean?

Low red blood cell count can result in diseases such as anemia, bleeding, bone marrow failure, kidney disease, and much more. It can also indicate low counts of other nutritional deficiencies like iron.

Why are rbc and wbc monitored during chemotherapy?

Some types of chemotherapy lower your red blood cell and/or white blood cell counts. It is important to monitor the white blood cell count to know if a patient is at risk of developing infections. Low red blood cell counts, also known as anemia, also needs to be monitored and can be treated to help prevent fatigue. Both counts, and also platelets, the third of the blood cell lines, are monitored with a CBC (complete blood count) on the day of chemotherapy and sometimes weekly during treatment.

What makes a person need hemoglobin?

low blood counts white and red blood cells

Why does doctors order complete blood counts?

To check your white/red blood cell levels

Why do many radiation therapy patients have low red blood cell counts?

Bone marrow cells divide rapidly and are susceptible to the effects of radiation.

Can aspirin cause low red blood cell count?

Aspirin can negatively impact the red blood cell count in two ways. Aspirin thins the blood, lowering the count. Aspirin being an acid can also cause bleeding ulcers in the stomach. The resultant blood loss will lower counts.

Why anemic person have low blood pressure?

anemia is caused by low red blood cell count, poor diet or stomach ulsars. the low red blood cell count would lower blood pressure.

What is the cause low red blood cell count?

Low red blood cell count can have many potential causes. These include blood loss, nutritional deficiencies, and hemolysis.

What determines when certain tests can be reported as a panel?

Laboratory procedures determine when certain tests can be reported as a panel. These particular tests can include white blood cell counts and red blood cell counts.

How can low red blood cell count be improved?

by getting a high blood cell count.

What condition do you have when you have decreased red blood cells or low red blood cell count?


What causes red blood cells to be made?

red blood cells are cells that have oxygen. Having high red blood cell counts can be caused by anemia and a sign of other conditions.

What does it mean if you have low red and white blood cell counts and platelet count?

As with any medical prognosis, it depends on the overall condition and health of the person who has the "low" counts, and what "low" means. For example, being "low" by a few cells is probably meaningless, while having substantially "low" counts may indicate any of a number of conditions. So, without knowing the exact counts of all the cells which were listed in the question, it is impossible to answer it any further.

What is it when a person has a low red blood cell count?


What is the medical term meaning all white blood cell red blood cell and platelets are low?

Pancytopenia is abnormally low levels of all blood cells.

Is there are more white blood cells in the blood than red blood cells?

No. Red blood cells are the most common type of blood cell. White blood cell counts only increase if they are fighting against a disease or foreign material or if someone has a cold.

What conditions might produce a decreased red blood cell percentage?

If a person has a low red blood cell count, it is an indication that the person is ill. Some conditions that can cause low red blood cell count are kidney disease, cancer, bone marrow disease, and anemia.

What does a low red blood cell count cause?

A low red blood cell count causes anemia, while a reduction in the number of platelets makes the person susceptible to excessive bleeding.

Why would a person with leukemia have low numbers of red blood cells normal white blood cells and platelets in the blood?

When people have Leukimia Their blood counts are low because their cells of blood cant reproduce quickly

What is a blood disease caused by low iron?

Iron-deficiency anemia is low red blood cell count due to low iron.

Can taking Vicodin elevate your blood count?

No, the opiate group is usually not associated with increasing either red or white blood cell counts.

How can you conclude that a person has sicle cell anemia by looking at blood counts?

The red blood cells would be shaped like crescent moons.