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Why do you get rejected?

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December 28, 2009 11:10PM

It is as simple as it is complicated.

The top four reasons people reject other people in relationships are:

  • Race & Religion
  • Sexual Preference
  • Personality of the Asker
  • The Looks of the Asker

Race and Religion

There are some religions that do not allow a follower to marry or even date someone out side of the main religion. Jehovah Witness tend to keep to themselves and will look down on fellow witnesses to marry out of the religion.

There are also some people of races that dislike the other races and will not intermarry or inter-date with another race. An example of the latter would be during the early period of the united states a white person could not marry a black person itself was against the law. Today, we call that racism.

Sexual Preference

Someone who is homosexual will not date someone of the opposite gender.

Someone who is heterosexual will not date someone of the same gender.

There are some exceptions, but don't count on it.

The Personality of the Asker

Don't let yourself fool you, you think you're a great person, but you really might not be. The person who is being asked out might think your a jerk, or too much of a smart-ass.

Before you accuse the person you're asking of being heartless for rejecting you, think of all the negative things you might have done in front of the person.

There is also the fact that maybe the person you are asking hasn't seen enough of your personality to feel safe with you.

Here are some personalities that don't usually work out:

  • Couch Potato V.S. Fitness Nut
  • Slacker V.S. an Ambitious Person
  • Someone who is Family Oriented V.S. Someone who is for open relationships or is accused of flirting with someone else while they are supposed to be in a committed relationship.

The Looks of the Asker

You might not meet the look requirements that the person you are asking is looking for. It has been proven that there is a science to how someone picks their mate, and looks tend to be one of the major factors (not matter how angry that makes us ugly people).

Now if someone had told you no, just move on, because there are over 3 billion people in the world, so trust me, you're not alone.