Why do you get sometimes painful or drippy wax buildup in your ears?

It is the second part of having 'ear ache' ; drippy wax, and it will only last an average of 4 days. it usually occurs because you have been sniffing too much, you have had flu or a bad cold or too much water has entered your inner ear while in the bath or shower.
Ways too prevent uncomfort:
Use a hot water bottle or heat pack and put it too you ear with a tissue in between your ear and the heat. Then tilt your head the way the wax would fall out. The heat melts the wax and the tissue catches the excess wax that falls out. Try not to apply cold, because this cools and harden the wax, blocking the path the wet wax falls out, helping you loose your hearing.
Try not to let any water get into the ear; shower holding non absorbent materials over your ears/ ear.
At night rip a cotton pad in half or take some cotton wool and place it in your ear. This will absorb the wax that comes out during the night and help your pillow from being dirty! Try and sleep on the side that the wax would fall out.
During the day keep a pack of soft tissues by you and when ever you feel some wax trickling out, place the tissue a small way in the ear and catch the liquid wax. Do not jam the tissue in too far or jam cotton buds in your ear because this could burst your ear drum, and you could loose your hearing for ever. I have burst my ear drum when I was younger through no fault of my own, i was just born with bad ears!! I can hear well now but right now i have a drippy wax build up in my ear
You could also steam 2 or 3 times a day, using a steam steriliser or just a jug full of boiled water! Inhale the steam and this will calm you and the steam enters your E.N.M system (your Ear, Nose, Mouth) too clear it out. You could add some special oils in the mixture for it too smell nice.