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Q: Why do you have a white birthmark on your leg?
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Where is Niall Horans birthmark?

On his leg

Does Miley Cyrus have a birthmark?

Yes she has...inside her right leg

What does a right triangle birthmark on the left leg mean?

It does not mean anything in particular.

What is the spot on Rasheed Wallace's head?

a birthmark. a spot of white hair

What is a brown spot in the white part of the eye?

it maybe a birthmark (if you were born with it, it probably is)

Why does alymer marry georgiana if he hated the birthmark so much?

Alymer did not notice the birthmark until after the marriage. He gradually began to notice Georgiana's birthmark, depicting it as a crimson blotch on her marble white skin. Alymer theorized Georgiana would be perfectif it was not for her birthmark. Alymer then decided to conduct an experiment on Georgiana that would rid her of the birthmark, but Alymer worried the birthmark was a defect on her soul. Eventually Georgiana's vision of her birthmark was distorted by Almyer's distate of it. In the end Georgiana was just another failed "experiment" of Alymers'. Alymer married Georgiana because he thought she was beautiful, but then that one imperfection strove him to get rid of the birthmark.

What is an example sentence using the word birthmark?

She was born with a cute heart shaped birthmark on her wrist.

Where is michael jackson's birthmark?

The closest thing he had to a birthmark was a mole on his cheek. He did not have an actual birthmark though.

Does Joe Jonas have a Birthmark?

Joe Jonas does have a birthmark.

Is a birthmark scary?

If you pee on your birthmark it will swell down

Where is Selena Gomez's birthmark?

Her birthmark is near her stomach.

What if your chick has a white spot on its beak?

it means nothing the chicks parents most of had the same mark or it was a birthmark

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