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Why do you have brown water coming from your shower head?

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There is rust in the steel pipes of your house, possibly the water heater. Have them looked at soon

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Why is there water coming out of the tub faucet but not from the shower head?

1- plugged shower head 2- defective diverter

How can you stop water leaking through the shower head when both cold and hot water are on but you want the water coming in through the tub faucet and not through the shower head?

You need to replace the valve that redirects water from the tub's faucet to the shower head .

Why does Hot water pour from faucet when shower head is on so water is coming from shower head but still comes out of bottom spout. how to fix?

Employ a plumber.

Why is there no water coming out of the shower head when it is turned on and there is water to the rest of the house?

the tap assebly could be cross connected if older shower set

Why is more water coming out of tub spout than the shower head?

Gravity. The shower head is probably 4 or 5 feet higher than the bath tap.

What is the brown build up on the shower head?

It is calcium from the water as well as mold that forms from wet conditions. Put some white vinegar and water in a baggie and tie it to the shower head over night. That should make it easier to remove the gunk on the shower head.

When flushing toilet the water coming out of shower head get cold or hot?

It won't change when you flush the toilet. :)

Where is the shower water filter located?

The shower water filter's location varies on what type of shower head it is. It is located within the shower head, or it can be a separate device that is attached to the shower head. It is usually located just before where the water comes out of the shower head.

How much water flows from a shower head per minute?

That all depends on the water pressure from your water system and the size of the holes in the shower head.

Why does it take a long time for water to drain from the bathtub when running water from the faucet. But when you run water from the shower head I have no problem?

More "VOLUME" flowing from the tub spout then the shower head as the shower head has a flow restrictor

Shower lever quit diverting water to the shower head Water flows fine through the faucet but when you turn the lever to divert to the shower head there was a banging noise and then no water.?

you did not pay bill

How do I fix my shower faucet?

Remove the shower head and clean out anything that might be blocking it, such as hair or debris. Replace the shower head and turn on the water; the water should be running.

What is a back flow preventer in relation to a shower head?

To prevent any back water from the shower head and also the water contamination into system.

Why is there no water coming out of the shower head when it is turned on?

You may have a broken pipe or have not paid your water bill and they turned it off at the main. Check the main for a tag from the department of water and power.

How can I improve my shower's water pressure?

Remove the water saver device in the shower head. Dissolve mineral buildup in the shower head by soaking the head in vinegar. Replace the supply pipes to the shower if they are clogged with mineral buildup.

Fiat bravo and there is a light on the dash board that keeps coming on it looks like a shower head with water coming out of the bottom of it?

That means there is something wrong with the fuel injection system.

What should you do if your shower has more water coming out of the spicket than out of the shower head?

It may be that your shower head is clogged with minerals. Try using a mineral/lime cleaner like CLR or LimeAway. You can buy these at large chain stores or hardware stores. Pour the solution into a bowl and soak the shower head for 5 minutes or so (longer if needed). You can also take the head off and soak in the solution.

What would cause the shower head to leak when the shower pin is not pulled?

Seats in the main valve body are leaking by, allowing water to go to the shower head.

Why would you lose pressure in your shower head when the pressure in the tub is fine?

There is a screen and/or a water saver in the shower head. The screen may be plugged with sediment from in the water.

How do you clean a shower head with hard water deposits?

#1: Remove shower head. #2: Place shower head in bowl or bucket large enough to submerge shower head. #3: Fill bowl or bucket with enough cider vinegar to cover shower head. #4: Wait for it. #5: Occasionally test shower head before dumping out vinegar.

How long does it take for a shower to use 1 liter of water?

It depends on how much water comes out of your shower head.

Sudden lack of water pressure in shower?

Clean the shower head of mineral deposits

How does a water saving shower head work?

The shower head has a device installed that reduces the volume of water that passes through the orifice plate. It does not matter how much the shower head tap is turned up there will only be a specific amount of water that gets past the orifice plate, hence saving water.

Why would there be hot water coming from the tub faucet but not from the shower head?

The mixing valve is messed up...It's easier to fix than figure out.

Why does water come out of both the shower head and faucet?

D you mean tub spout and shower head???? If this is the question then your diverter is defective

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