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Q: Why do you have bumps were the tampon goes?
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How do you know where a tampon goes?

A tampon goes into the vagina - the hole where the blood is coming out, the only hole where the tampon would fit other than the anus. If a woman is menstruating she should know where her vagina is located, if not then she should learn more about her anatomy before considering tampon use.

What happens when the tampon goes all the way inside you?

A tampon can go no further than your vaginal canal.

Is it safe to pee with a tampon on?

Yes, it's safe to pee while wearing a tampon - a tampon goes into the vagina, where as urine comes out via the urethra. If your tampon has a string then it would need to be moved out of the way to avoid it getting wet.

If your on the last day of your period and you are not bleeding heavy can the tampon cause bumps?

If you're experiencing light bleeding then you shouldn't be using tampons at all because this increases your risks of TSS. I'm not sure what you mean by causing bumps, tampons go inside your body and unless you regularly examine yourself wiht a speculum you'd not be able to see any bumps inside your vagina that could be caused by tampon use.

Do you pee from were the tampon goes?

No, you urinate from the urethra and a tampon goes into the vagina.Both the vaginal opening and the urethral opening are right next to each other within the vestibule of the vulva, but they are not the same hole and it is not possible to insert a tampon into the urethra. A person can urinate as normal when they are wearing a tampon.

When you insert a tampon does it go past the muscle and right in with the string hanging out or sights on the muscle with the end of the tampon visible?

The tampon goes all the way into the vaginal canal - if that's what you mean by the muscle, as the vaginal canal is essentially a muscular tube. The whole tampon goes into the vagina and quite deep, it wouldn't even be near the vaginal opening once it is inserted so certainly wouldn't hang out. All that hangs out is the tampon string for easy removal, that is if you use a tampon with a string.

Do you put a tampon in the hole in your vagina?

The tampon goes into the vagina - literally the hole is your vaginal opening.There is no other hole that a tampon can realistically go into, the vagina is also the place where the blood is coming out so no reason to put it anywhere else. If you don't understand basic female anatomy it is not a good idea for you to be using tampons, stick with pads for now and learn more.

Do you take out the tampon applicator when you use a tampon?

You first put your thumb and middle finger on the applicator and insert the tampon. Make sure the tampon goes all the way in and only the string is hanging out. Then remove the applicator and throw it away.

What goes up a ladys vagina?

Well during sexual intercourse a penis goes up it. But during the menstrual cycle a tampon goes up it.

Where does the tampon go in the genital area?

The tampon goes into the vagina, which is where the blood is coming from. If you don't know basic genital anatomy then you should not be using tampons as there is no way you know how to use tampons correctly or understand the risks involved in tampon use. Use pads for now and spend some time learning the basics of your anatomy before considering tampon use.

You know where a tampon goes but you can still see it what do you need to do?

If you can still see the tampon once it's inserted then you've not inserted it far enougj. Remove the tampon and try again later, this time insert higher - it's best to use non-applicator tampon so you have better control over insertion.

Where does the tampon go?

It goes into your vagina. Which is located between where your urine comes out and where your waste comes out.

What are the chances of being pregnant if you are on your period and have a tampon in but he gets a little pre-ejaculate fluid on you?

AnswerIt is improbable because the tampon goes into your vagina to the uterus where the eggs are. And with the tampon in the way of the eggs, the cum shouldn't have reached the uterus or the eggs. Nothing is impossible however.

Can you lose a tampon?

You certainly can. Many times, women can retain a tampon in their vagina. If you are worried that this has occurred, you should go to the doctor right away- the tampon can gather bacteria, and if left in too long can cause serious infections. Sometimes you will need the doctor to get the tampon out. Sometimes, a tampon can also come out while you are going to the bathroom (#2). Sometimes this goes unnoticed, and if you feel comfortable doing it, you can search yourself to see if you can feel a retained tampon, or if it came out unnoticed.

What is skin on the tampon?

There shouldn't be any skin on the tampon as the tampon goes into your vagina and there is no skin in the vagina - there is mucus membrane but it should not shed onto the tampon. Chances are what you are seeing are pieces of uterus lining, which can look like clumps of raw liver and normal when flow is heavy. If concerned you should speak to your doctor to ensure that everything is normal and healthy.

If you use a tampon are you still a virgin?

Yes, you are a virgin up until you have sex.How you define sex is up to you, it doesn't even have to involve vaginal penetration. A tampon is not a person and inserting a tampon is not sex so does not change the fact that you are still a virgin.

You have many red sores on your vagina along with two random sores on your legs you noticed the bumps on your vagina after shaving What could it be?

stop shaving temporarily and then see where it goes from there.... the bumps on your legs may have nothing to do with your vagina bumps.

Can you move your bowels if you have a tampon in?

Yes, you can make bowel movements when you're wearing a tampon.A tampon goes into your vaginal canal and your bowel movements leave your body via your anus, they are two different canals so a tampon in the vagina is unlikely to cause problems. Sometimes if a tampon is at an angle or expanded it can put a little pressure on the anus which can sometimes make bowel movements a little more difficult, but if it is a problem just remove the tampon.It is a good idea to make sure your tampon string (if using tampons with strings) are out of the way, otherwise you're going to get poop on the tampon string which is very unhygienic.

What is a ploko?

it is a tampon it is a tampon

Can you pee while you have a tampon in?

Yes, you can urinate while you are using a tampon.The tampon goes into the vagina, whereas you urinate from your urethra - two different body parts, thus no impact on each other. The only thing to consider is that if you're using tampons with a string then the string can get wet, which can be uncomfortable and left wet can increase risk of infections, so when you do urinate make sure to move the tampon string out of the way. Otherwise you can urinate as you would normally when not wearing a tampon, it's no different.

What happens if your tampon gets too far in?

A tampon can't go too far in - your vaginal canal only goes so far, at the top of the vaginal canal is the cervix (opening to the uterus) and tampons can't go through or past the cervix.

Brown spots on tampon?

If you remove a tampon and it has brown spots then it is likely old blood, normal when your period is light as it takes time for the blood to leave your body and it goes brown. If your period is light then you should not be using tampons at all, only use tampons with full flow. If the tampon has brown spots before insertion then throw it out and check other tampons before using them.

Itchy irratated hands that has bumps that looks like poison ivy but its not it comes an goes.?

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If a guy release sperm inside the vagine she goes to the toilet can it stop her getting pregnant?

NO! Urine comes out of a completely different hole that that sperm goes up. That's why people can wee when they have a tampon in

What are red bumps that are not itchy and are associated with jacuzzis?

Every time my daughter goes in the hot tub she gets bumps that look like chicken pox. Then we switched from bromine to chlorine tablets and that seemed to help so far.