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Why do you have different colored hair?

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Is Aussie conditioner good for colored hair?

Aussie is excelent for colored hair!

How do you change the color of your hair on wizard101?

You can't, unless you delete your person and make a new one with different colored hair.

Is it possible for a siblings to have different colored hair?

Yes. Even with the same 2 parents.

Can hair be colored after treating it for lice?

hair can be colored after treating it for lice!!! lice hurts sometimes

Why do women of different races have different colored pubic hair?

They don't. I'm not sure who told you that nonsense. ALL women have the exact same color pubic hair, purple.

How come in Japanese anime they give there characters different colored hair and eyes when they have black hair and brown eyes?

to tell what character and personality is which.

What happens if you use shampoo for colored hair on non colored hair?

Nothing will happen. You'll just have nice, clean hair.

Which hair straightener is best for colored hair?

The Sedu hair straightener works well for colored hair, and is able to withstand heat and light for a long time.

Can hair relaxers lighten your hair?

yes it is a common occurrence with hair relaxers most often with colored hair it can be still colored darker after a relaxing but i would not use it as a hair lightener

Can you wash your hair after you got it colored?

Yes, when washing your hair it will remove the hair color residue. To make your hair color last longer, use a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair.

Can hair bleach lighten colored hair?


How does Austin Mahone do his hair?

he colored her hair in blended

Can twin horses have different coats?

They can. Just as human siblings can have different hair color or diffierent colored eyes, so too can horses.

Is Nicki minaj balheaded?

of course she is what the hell that's why she's always wearing different types of colored hair

Why is hair different colors?

Hair is colored by three types of pigment: phaeomelanin (red-colored), brown eumelanin, and black eumelanin. Depending on the amount of pigment in each hair, the hair will be any shade from blond to black. Higher amounts of pigment make darker colors, and lower amounts make lighter colors.

Can colored hair get lice?


Does your height depend on the color of you hair?

No, hair loses a material that makes hair colored

What is Grayson's hair color?

Light/Dark Brown colored hair.

What colored hair does Leslie have in Bridge to Terabithia?

Leslie has blonde hair.

What color hair did two bit have from outsiders?

Two-Bit has rusty colored sideburns, and that leads me to believe that he was rusty colored hair also.

Do blondes have different personality than other hair colored women?

No but generally blondes think themselves superior and smart. Depends on who you are

What is zendayas hair color?

Zendaya ,or Zendaya Coleman, has chestnut colored hair

What color of hair does Juniper have in Percy Jackson?

Juniper has amber colored hair.

Can one litter of puppies have two different colored puppies?

Yes. Just like you can have different a different color hair then your brothers and sisters puppies can be different colors too because there are different gene combination possibilities.

What are the top colored hair trends of 2013?

The top colored hair trends of 2013 include Ombre, Dip-dye and Brown Blonde. You can get more information about hair color trends at the About website.