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Women by nature are more emotional (and I mean that in a good sense). They are more in tune with their emotional selves, and more likely to allow emotional attachments to people, romantic or not, than most guys are. So there is no harm or problem in having feelings for another woman. Embrace the fact that you are emotionally able to do so - many men can not do this, or are afraid it will threaten their 'masculinity' if they admit to feelings. Enjoy it and don't feel guilty or weird.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-17 03:24:42
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Q: Why do you have feelings for your best girlfriend if you are a girl too?
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What do you do when your girlfriend cheated on you with your best friend but you still have feelings for her?

Been there, done that. And it really sucked. I would recommend you forget about her and find another girl. You may have to find a new best friend, too.

How do you ask out your cousins girlfriend who may have feelings for you?

family is for life girls come and go. It would be best not too.

What does it mean when you have a dream about a girl?

that you may like her or your just facinated about this girl. It can also mean that sooner or later this girl will be your girlfriend or that she likes you too but doesn't want to show her true feelings

You friend has a girlfriend and your girlfriend is your friends girlfriends friend but the thing is i believe i am starting to grow feelings for my friends girlfriend?

does your friend's girlfriend have feelings for you too? and you need to figure out which is more important to you, your friend and your current girlfriend? or your friend's girlfriend... i can't help you that much sorry :(

If you did your best friends girlfriend and you were a girl too what would you do if walked in on you and her having sex?

I would dump him and go for the girl. Girls are way better I know from experiance!

What to do if your girl friend still has feelings for her ex?

talk to her about it. it depends how much she still likes her ex too. but the best thing is to talk to her.

Can 8 year olds have girlfriends?

You are way too young to be having a girlfriend! You can have a friend that is a girl, and there's nothing wrong with that. And there's nothing wrong with having a crush on a girl, but you're not boyfriend and girlfriend. Just give it some time. In a few years you'll start to have real feelings.

Is it bad to like your best friend's girlfriend?

It is considered unethical to act on feelings for your friend's significant other, regardless of your relationship status. If she likes you too and you decide to pursue a relationship, it is best to be open with your best friend and not hide your relationship from him.

What do you do if you like your best guy friend but he told you he likes your best girl friend?

In my opinioon you should find out if your best girlfriend likes him, if she does then maybe you should help things move along with them, its kind of tough but you will realise that its better to make your friends happy then to make everyone sad. Theylle be other guys, and it will be hard, and maybe you should tell your friend about your feelings and his too and see if she decides to back off. I think you and your best girlfriend should talk about it.

How old do you have to be to have a boyfriend?

The best time for a boy and a girl to be boyfriend and girlfriend is middle school which is about when you are 9-13 and i am 9 and i have a boyfriend and my friend does too!

What happens when your best friend likes your girlfriend?

Talk to him first, ask him to back off if you really like the girl unless your girlfriend likes him too. if that's the case then there's really nothing you can do

How can i tell my girlfriend without hurting her feelings to shave her moustache?

There is only one way to do this and hope it does not hurt her feelings. You will just have to come right out and say it too her.

Who is the best girlfriend to have in the world?

One who loves you too.

You like a guy who likes you too but still has feelings for his last girlfriend what should you do?

you should talk to him.ask him about your feelings for each other.................tell him that he should forget about his ex--.....................

What do you do if your 12 and you never had girlfriend ever or kissed a girl and you like this girl?

Find out if she likes you too, preferably by asking her.

Is art best in the world?

yes because you show your feelings too everyone.

You still having feelings for your ex girlfriend?

You need to try to not see her for a while but dont make it too obvious that your avoiding her. Then try to find another girl. This will be very hard because you have feeling for someone else but its very possable. Try to talk with your rebound girl and see if you can love her.

Why would a boy dedicate a song about love and death to a girl?

Well, either the boy likes the girl or has too many feelings... I think...

What to do after a girl agrees to be your girlfriend?

Tell her you love her. Trust me, I'm a girl, I know. Girls love that. And then ask her out on a date. They love that too.

Does jotta a have a girlfriend?

yes i believe he does. he seems to like that girl michely and i think she is pretty too

What is a 'Shawty'?

Shawty means a girlfriend or attractive girl.

Ive loved a girl for as long as you can remember then you met your girlfriend and for a while you forgot her but now you still love her but you love your girlfriend too?

That's not a question

Can have a conjugal with my girlfriend but you are a girl too?

I am not sure that I understand your question, but my guess is that you are a lesbian in jail, and you want to know if you can receive a conjugal visit from your girlfriend. Yes you can.

What does a girl do to flirt with a guy?

well......1st you gotta be their best friend, must say stuff like....., i like your hair or i like your eyes................., and then ask if they hve a girlfriend..........., THEN FINALLY!you say stuff like........, i have strong feelings for you or say i care for you......too much then purposely blush. then give them hugs.sorry but isn't that using the guy. i mean you have to know them yeah but you don't have to be their best friend. you can just be their friend. you can then start messing with him to get more of the guy's attention. Then finally the guy, if he has strong feelings for you, will ask you out. If you don't want to be his girlfriend, don't flirt as much. if you do then play hard to get.

What can do to not cause pain to my girlfriend on her first time?

The best thing would be to not have sex at all. There are too many unwanted babies in the world already. Wait until you find the girl you love and want to marry. You will respect her that girl if you wait.