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Why do you have pain in your stomach after sex?


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to be honest, I never have. How severe is the pain? Is it everytime you have sex? Does it depend on the position?

If you have given birth fairly recently I wouldn't worry about it. If you havent given birth recently, here is some info that might be useful.

* 70% of women have cysts that can rupture. This can cause severe pain, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhoea. If it is pain that last for a while or becomes severe, go to the hospital as this can can be fatal if left too long.

* You should go to a gynecologist and request to be screened for endometriosis. A very rough definition of Endo is when cell tissue abnormally grows on ovaries and other organs as well. This condition can cause sex to be a painful experience.

* It's possible that you may have a simple bladder infection. Some women are more prone than others and frequent sex can add to the risk of getting one. If you feel a burning sensation when you urinate or a frequent need to use the bathroom, this may be the issue. It's an easy fix with the proper antibiotics.

Either way, see a doctor. This is not a normal occurance and if they say it is, get a second opinion!!!

Good luck