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Why do you have spots when you shave?

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I used to wonder the same thing. that's just where the hair grows i guess.

2011-09-13 14:13:12
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Why do you get pimple like spots after shaving?

Then why shave?

How do you make a smile face with hair?

Well, either shave you head in the spots where the eyes and smiles are, or shave around the border of where they are, or shave every thing but where they are, but only if you want it on your body.

Can girls shave their private part?

Yes, girls can but it can be painful depending on what you do. I would not recommend you to shave because it will cause spots to from and it will irritate you. It's probably best to wax.

How do you get rid of dark spots from shaving the vagina?

every time you shave use a new razor , do not shave so fast. when done shaving apply coco butter to area.

When you Shave your Legs why do they get spotty?

Those spots are the roots. When you shave your legs you only shave off the tips of the hairs. There are still a little bit of hair, the roots of the hair, that remains in the hair follicle. If you don't like the appearance of the spots on your legs, you could try waxing, electrolysis, threading, or some other hair removal system that removes the entire hair, not just the tips of the hair, and removes the root of the hair as well.

How do you get rid of the black dots that appear when you shave a little above your genital area?

use salicylic acid on the spots and exfoliate gently

When you shave your vagina why do you get spots on it?

because that area is very sensitive, you have to be careful, maybe you shouldn't shave but use wax instead, then it will stay VERY red only the day you actually wax. use a gentle aftershave etc

How was rhodium obtained?

It is obtained by exploding gold into tiny pieces and then inside the gold there are little spots. Those little spots are rhodium. You want to shave off the gold and combine the spots together. Then you want to put them in to a bowl and put it in the microwave. Then you put in to the freezer until it freezes.

How can you shave your underarms so that there are no dark spots hair bumps or remaining hair under them?

You should just get them waxed, they do a really great job.

What are red spots around the girls genital area if no sexual contact?

If they shave even their bikini line, then it's probably razor burn. Look it up.

Why do people with cancer shave there head?

Chemotherapy, used to treat cancer, causes the hair to fall out. Some people may shave their head if their hair didn't all come out, because they'd rather be completely bald than just have some spots that have hair.

How do you ask your father how to shave?

Just ask that how to shave his mustash then shave your pussy Just ask that how to shave his mustash then shave your pussy

What are the red spots you see after you shave?

That is razor burn, which usually means your shaving too hard, going against the grain or that body part is not used to being shaved.

Is it bad to shave in the morning?

No, it's not bad to shave in the morning. Most men shave every morning if they shave.

Can you shave a coconut?

No you can not shave a coconut

The sentence of a close shave?

With Burma-Shave, you will always get a close shave. My latest brush with death was a real close shave. Some people like to have a close shave on the top of their head.

When are you supposed to shave your face?

You usually shave your face when there is hair on it, but you can shave it whenever you wish.

How often does the average man shave?

The average person who does shave will shave once a day in the morning. A few of them may shave again in the evening to please their mate. Some people grow beards and don't shave at all, others will only shave when they need to shave to be presentable to certain people.

Should guys shave their pubic hair?

It is ok to shave it, but not to shave it all, you're pubic hair is there to keep you clean from bacteria. it depends on the person, if they want to shave then shave if not dont, but i like to

How do you shave your head?

You get a buzzer with no guard and shave it.

Does Chris Brown shave?

Yes he does shave.

Why can't you shave when you get your period?

You can still shave.

Do lawyers have to shave?

No, lawyers do not have to shave if they do not want to.

Can you shave a Chihuahua?

you can shave a longhaired chihuahua.

Do Europeans shave?

Yes, Europeans do shave.