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Why do you have tears when you are sad?

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crying tears is like sweating if you know what i mean. when you are hot, your skin sweats salt water to cool you down. when you are sad, your skin sweats tears via the water in your eyes to show you are really sad

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What is gypsy tears?

when i get really sad i cry and gypsy tears come out nothing to happened with gypsy tears

Are happy tears and sad tears made of the same stuff?

no Yes. The emotion is not the same but the tears are the same substances.

What is a picture to put on a sad letter?

maybe tears or something else sad or just this symbol: :(

What is the liquid running from your eye when you are sad or very happy?


Why am I getting tears in my eyes while sleeping?

because your sad

Why do you weep when you pray?

Because sometimes people are sad about things when they pray, and you cry when you are sad. Unless they are tears of joy.

Why do your tear ducts create tears when you are sad?

It's an emotional response.

Did Hilary's brother die?

yes he did die it was sad for all of us i was in tears.

What are tears?

swet and water put together and they come out of your eyes when your really sad.

Which brain center is involved when you become sad and shed tears?

frontal for it is about personality..

Why did the queen goddess Frigg constantly cry tears os gold?

she was sad

How many Cherokees died on the Trail of Tears?

The Trail of Tears was a sad and brutal thing. About 1/4 of 17,000 Cherokees died on the Trail of Tears. ( that's 4,000 Cherokees )Writtin by,Tiki

What are some similes for sad?

Sad as the gust that sweeps the clouded sky. My heart is as sad as a black stone under the blue sea. Sad as the tears the sullen Winter weeps. Sad, like the sun in the day of mist, when his face is watery and dim.

Why do tears come when you are sad?

Nobody knows itys just a thing of what we are made of and that is emotions !

Why does the minecraft ghast have tears?

Because of its looks, it looks sad. Like it is crying. That is what i presume

How do you force out tears?

think of something veary sad or think of a loved one dead.

Is my sisters keeper a sad movie?

Its very sad! I'm a strong person who doesn't cry and I almost started to get tears in my eyes. It is a good movie though, but very sad. I didn't think it was very sad but that is my opinion because the book was wayyy more sad.

What are the songs on naruto the end of tears?

sadness and sorrow and sad song. other than that i.d.k.

The long sad journey of the Native Americans to their new home in the west was called the?

trail of tears

Why water drops fall from silencer of car?

The silencer is very sad and the water drops are its tears.

Why do tears comeout when feeling happy or sad?

I think it's something to do with being overwhelmed with an emotion.

Why was Pokemon the first sad movie?

It didn't end sad, but it has some sad scenes yes. It would seem that Ash dies near the end and all the Pokemon cry. But he is revived by the tears of all the Pokemon :)

What do the civilians hear on the radio that brings them tears?

What civilians hear on the radio that brings them tears, is either: A: A sad song that someone very close to the civilian liked but is gone or: B: Sad news such as a bombing and the civilians close friends or family had died of an earthquake or an incident.

Why did the native Americans go on the trail of tears?

Native Americans were forced down the Trail of Tears by americans sent by the President at the time. It was sad and lots of indian children died.

In tears of a tiger what are all the character traits of Andy?

lost, guilty, confused, depressed, sad, SUICIDAL