Why do you have to go through Jesus to get to God?

All men and women are born sinners. When we die on earth, we go to purgatory. There is where we will be judged. Since we are all sinners we will be judged as that. All who dwell in Heaven are free from sin. Well God doesn't like this rule. Since Satan tricked man into sinning we have no chance to go to heaven. Remember God is perfect, even God's law is perfect. Which is why He loves good and turns His back on bad (sin). He even turned His back on Jesus Christ (His only (begotten) Son : meaning His only Son that came straight out from Him) because, he's so perfect and so, so is Jesus. So what God did was, showed Satan who was starting to believe that he was greater than God, that he isn't greater than Him, which is why he (Satan) was cast into Hell. So, He started this tradition with his people (Hebrew. During the Passover, You must sacrifice the very best sheep that you have or can afford. The blood from this animal shows that even if have not much or you give up your best for God that your sins would be cleansed. Typically the sheep would be free from blemish and be pure white or as close as possible. This tradition was symbolic for what was to come. Remember God loves the world, and his children (us). So God sent his only son. When sending his son (Jesus) he was going to use Jesus as a metaphorical sheep. By Jesus dying for our sins through his blood, Jesus would become our savior. This is why God sent His only Begotten Son Jesus, as a man, so that He would be able to understand our sinning but, Jesus never did. Which is why, through Jesus all sins can and will be wiped away, if you ask for forgiveness for them. It was a way to help us, on our sinful lives (all of us), because God and Jesus love us so much. That is why when Jesus said no one goes to the father but by me. Jesus was saying this because he is Judge of whether you go to Heaven or Hell. Since, he was the only perfect MAN to walk this earth, he understands us to the fullest extent possible. Know this, God created hell for the fallen angels (Satin, and his followers), not for man or woman, which is why if we go we will never get used to it. Burning for eternity (for ever) dying over and over again, smelling your own burning flesh for ever. Not even the FALLEN ANGELS will. So when we ask Jesus for forgiveness for our sins we have someone who will abolish those sins. There is no need for more sacrifice of sheep anymore. God fulfilled his promise to Israel and the rest of the world. All you have to do is stay humbled in Him. There is more to this, read the Holy Bible, it's great.