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All doctors need several chemistry credits, starting with AP Chem if you have that opportunity. The right to prescribe medicine is one of the major things that makes doctors doctors, and every doctor has to know how every drug reacts when prescribed with any other drug......thus-chemistry.

Biochemistry also describes how different processes that are essential to life work in a human body. For example, doctors need to know how proteins are made in the body and what can go wrong in the process.

Every organ in our body consists of cells, and these cells are made of chemical compounds, and that's where chemistry comes, knowing the chemical structure of these compounds and the functional groups(where reactions tend to happen) tells us how to predict these chemicals to react, and the best environment to keep these chemical balanced; and if this balance was lost, how to bring it back. chemistry is the backbone of science, and every doctor should know it.

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Q: Why do you have to study chemistry to become a doctor?
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