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Why do you hear a knocking sound when you start your car i have a 1994 Oldsmobile achiva?

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What causes a knocking sound when you just start the car?

You forgot to let your wife in

Why won't my car start there is a knocking sound on left side when I try to start it?

the knocking is a broken piston rod or piston ring broke it will be from $550-$1k to have it replaced. u need to have it checked out ASAP

Why does your engine make a knocking sound when you accelerate?

When you accelerate. you are putting presure on the main engine barrens. if they are going bad. You will hear this knocking sound. I don't know how many miles you have on this engine. But that's what it sounds like. But that's not all that can make this sound. You will have to tell more about it and when it started. Did it just start all at once? or did it start and then get louder?

When you start your engine in the morning you heard knocking sound alwalys in the top of the engine?

Possible dirty sticking valves.

What causes a hard rattling knocking sound under the hood when you start your 98 ford windstar?

What causes a hard rattling knocking sound under the hood when you start your 98 ford windstar? Lack of oil, lack of oil pressure, badly worn camshaft or crankshaft or a combination of all the above.

What is causing engine knocking noise on supercharged Hummer H2 after running a little while?

The Hummer H2 is a 2005 SUT with the 6.0L Vortec and a Magna Charger supercharger. It runs great with plenty of power, but I'm concerned about some noise I'm getting out of it. When I first start it up, everything sounds fine. After running a mile or so, I start to get a knocking sound. I only notice the sound when idling, not when running.

What happens when fly wheel breaks?

Car won't start. Won't run. Starter will whine cause it's not cranking anything. makes a noise at the bottom of car sound like motor is about to go clicking and knocking sound

What if your 1993 Chevy LTZ will start but will move Theres a loud knocking sound coming from the engine What could this be also the knocking sound will happen when when letting off the accelerator?

Sorry bud but that means that you have what's called a " Rod knock", one or more of the main and or the rod bearings have gone away, need to break that engine down to fix it. jr

If your little brothers won't stop walking into your room without knocking how do you get them to stop?

start staying naked while you are in your room. they will probably start knocking after they walk in after a few times.

Bravada wont start?

Its an Oldsmobile

What Oldsmobile name starts with A?

There are three Oldsmobile model's that start with the letter A.Alero,Aurora,and the Achieva.

Things with wheels that start with o?


What cars start with O?


What car that start with o?

Oldsmobile Opel

Why does your steering knock when you turn slowly?

When CV joints start to go bad, they make a knocking sound when you turn the steering wheel - you might want to get them checked out before getting stranded somewhere.

What would cause a knocking sound after you start your car It olnly last a few seconds but does it every time especially after ir has set awhile?

No engine lube at start up. Bad oil pump or very dirty engine lube passages.

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Cars that start with the letter O:Odyssey (Honda)OldsmobileOmega (Oldsmobile)Omni (Honda)OpelOctavia (Skoda)

Cars that start with O?

Opel Outlander Oldsmobile.

What would make a 1988 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera start and then die right away?

What would make a 1899 oldsmobile cutlass ciera start and then die right away?

Your car had a faint knocking noise which got louder when accelorating then it just wouldn't start until you added oil stabaliser but it still had a knocking sound?

Sounds like you might have blown the motor, thrown rod, spun bearing, etc. Drive it by a local shop, for something like that, it should be a free second opinion of whether or not its repairable.

What would be wrong when a 2001 Toyota corolla start making a knocking sound when AC on and accelerating?

It sounds to me you are using a fuel to low in octane, either that or your timing is wrong. Try running on 95 or higher octane fuel.

What is the knocking sound on a 350 chevy it sounds like a rod but then it stops rods dont just stop knocking do they?

Some causes will:A leaky lifter will pressure up and quit, and can sound like a rod knock when the clearance is bad enoughA collapsed piston skirt will quiet down when the engine warms upA rod can knock under load or start up and quite down when oil pressure is applied. Its only going to get worse though.

Why is there a knocking sound coming from the rear end of my 1994 Nissan Sentra when I start it?

Check the tailpipe for contact with the body. A loose hanger that holds the exhaust up may be sagging. The movement of the motor starting will jar the exhaust system.

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What might be knocking in 305 Chevy small block not at start up and not constant?

thats a nice car