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Why do you keep smelling fuel when you crank up A 1991 Lexus LS 400?


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it can be a varity of things like a leak or over filled fuel.

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where is the fuel filter on a 1991 lexus ls400

Without seeing the 1991 Lexus es250, it is impossible to know exactly the cause of the fuel pump problems. A mechanic will be able to look at the car and let you know whether it is a bad pump, relay, or a clog.

under the air filter box assy on drivers side(under the hood)

where is the fuel filter located on 1996 Lexus lx450?

Run the fuel located in the fuel tank. The relay command the pump as soon as you turn the ignition key. You hear the humming of the pump before you crank the engine.

Where is the fuel cut off switch located in a 2003 Lexus es300

The fuel is stopping before getting to the cylinders. Check the fuel in injectors and their drive signal for problems.

Possibly the crank sensor or the coil pack is dead. But with a dead crank sensor you also get no spark, no crank. No crank equals no fuel delivery.

where is lacated relay of fuel pum lexus es 300 1996 3.0

The fuel capacity for a Lexus LS400 is 22.5-gallons. The low fuel light comes on when there are around 2-gallons of fuel left in the tank. The Lexus LS400 gets around 24-mpg on the open highway.

it is located in the fuel tank

No , it would crank , but if there was no power getting to the electric fuel pump it would not start

19.2 gal according to

In the fuel tank, wrapped around the fuel pump.

Yes ( the electric fuel pump for a Ford Explorer is inside the fuel tank )

It could be low fuel pressure caused by weak fuel pump or restricted fuel filter.

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