Why do you learn french on your school?

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It is an elective you have to take during one semester of your school year. Or you can take Spanish or what ever languages you have in your school. Mainly it is an elective and you have to pick 1 out of how many languages your aloud to chose from.... Hope my answer was helpful!!!
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How do you learn French?

You learn French by finding the learning tool that works best for you . You may or may not need a teacher, depending upon the strength of your motivation and the quality of your learning tool. Some learners need concentrated study of dictionaries, grammars, and vocabulary lists. Such learners tend t ( Full Answer )

How to learn French?

The best, fastest, most effective, easiest, and most fun way to learn any language is to immerse yourself. Go to an immersion camp, study abroad, or live in a country that speaks the language. You'd be surprised at how quickly you learn if you focus on your goal and soak up the culture and language ( Full Answer )

How do you learn the french language fast?

There are a number of fast courses you can take. In addition to those, on order to learn the language faster, it's a good idea to:. read books (that you already know in English) . watch French films -- in the original language, and, after a while, without subs as well . listen to the radio in F ( Full Answer )

Why should you learn French?

You should learn French for a career in dance and music . Much of the terminology in both fields comes from French. You should learn French for a career in diplomacy and international political economics . Historically, French is an international language. It still is part of the classical edu ( Full Answer )

How do you learn french quickly?

To learn French quickly one can take a class and learn the languagewith the help of an instructor. Another option is a languageprogram like Rosetta Stone.

Is French easy to learn?

Answer 1 It ain't easy , but it's worth it if you're going to France . Answer 2 It is not even easy for a French. Answer 3 It is always hard to learn a foreign language. Answer 4 According to me, English is much easier because it is more logical and pragmatic than the french. Ans ( Full Answer )

Do French pupils learn English as you learn French?

In the French province of Québec in Canada, English is taught from a very young age in school. I graduated from HS in 2004 and I was taught English starting in the 3rd grade.. I'm not sure how it works in France.

Why do Canadians have to learn French?

Because it is Canada's second language!!! Answer: Canadians do no have to learn French. As a bilingual country both French and English are the official languages (there is no first and second language). All Canadians must be educated in one or the other and all government services are offered i ( Full Answer )

What do the french schools learn?

In high school students have the following subjects:. French, history, maths, geography, sciences (such as physics, chemistry and biology), a foreign language (usualy English), some students choose to learn another foreign language and others choose economics or mathematics, they also have physical ( Full Answer )

What subjects do French schools learn?

French schools teach subjects like french, English, German, mathematics, social sciences, and geography. They also teach subjects like physical education.

Why does French have to be learned?

No one has to learn French unless it's a prerequisite or requirement . For example, it may be a required subject in school or at college. It may be the only language that's offered at an educational institution that has a foreign language requirement for certification or graduation. Or it may be ( Full Answer )

Why do you learn french at high school?

Why do I, personally? . Because I refuse to take Spanish. And French was my only other option. . I refuse to take Spanish.. why? Well because I think the Spanish people that move to the U.S. and other parts of the world should learn English. . I think they should learn English and not me learn th ( Full Answer )

What do French people learn in school?

The french people learn in school is othere language and other ways of taking care of our lives, french peoples learns how to multiply, subtract,add,divide and others in math, they can learn a lot to in english, filipino, mapeh,science and computer french people can learn a lot in school.

What is 'I am learning French' in French?

J'apprends le francais is a French equivalent of 'I am learning French'. In the word by word translation, the subject pronoun 'je' * means 'I'. The verb 'apprends' means '[I] am learning, do learn, learn'. The masculine definite article 'le' means 'the'. The masculine adjective/noun 'francais ( Full Answer )

What is 'You're learning French' in French?

"Vous apprenez le français" or "Tu apprends le français". About the difference between "vous" and "tu" : "je" -> "I" "tu" -> "you" "il" -> "he" "elle" -> "she" "nous" -> "we" "vous" -> "you" "ils" -> "they"

Where to learn French?

u can download podcasts on iTunes completely free of charge!! Something that helps a lot is watching movies you know by heart, preferably movies with a lot of dialogue, dubbed in French. Since you know the movie so well, it is easy to understand the language. Children movies, such as Shrek, ( Full Answer )

What is the reason that you learn french in school?

French is one of the 4 most used languages in the world, English, French German and Spanish in that order.. A person cannot go wrong by learning a few of these languages to broaden their horizons and employment opportunities, and of course it really comes in handy when travelling!!!

How is French schooling?

Simply excellent. The French value education far more than Anglo-Saxon do, and the average educated Frenchman has a far broader culture than almost anybody else in the world. On top of that, French education is genuinely free, starts with free kindergarten places for all children from the age of two ( Full Answer )

What is the point in learning French in school if you are never going to France?

there are many reasons for learning French, it is one of the 4 most spoken languages in the world,there are many places besides France where they speak French, In Canada in the province of Quebec, several countries in Africa, it is fun to learn a new language even if you may never use it, who knows ( Full Answer )

Why should you not learn French?

Learning a foreign language is a fantastic thing to do in my book. Also, even though it's not used to communicate anymore, Latin is a language that will help learn any foreign language. Hope I helped.

I learned french in high school?

J'ai appris le français au collège (junior high school), au lycée (senior high school). French speakers would just say "j'ai appris le français à l'école"

Is French fun to learn?

French is fun for some to learn and not fun for others. Some people love it and others hate it. It depends on who teaches you and what methods of learning you use. If you don't like writing a lot of stuff by hand and that's the way you're trying to learn French, then you might not find it so fun. B ( Full Answer )

Learn french by podcast pdf?

a good starting point for French podcasts may be the radio-france website. They have a host of radios (musical, information, talk) with anchors speaking a clear French, devoid of any accent.

Do french children learn RE?

Religious Education is not taught in public schools and isn't mandatory in private schools. In fact most pupils get their religious education outside school in courses run by volunteers.

What do I have to learn in school?

Because if you didn't, then you wouldn't be able to speak, read and write. you also wouldn't be sitting in front of your computer right now because you wouldn't know what it is! lol hope that helps!

How do you learn French quick and easy?

The language teaching application that is used by various governments and individuals for learning languages quickly and easily is Rosetta Stone.

How to you learn French online?

You can go to websites that post articles that teach you how to learn French. They vary from beginner to advanced level. There are a few links below this for beginners and you can find where you progress to after learning the basics.

How did Shakespeare learn french?

Great question! Because there is a whole scene of Henry V which is entirely in French, and a second one which is sort of in French in parts. Here are some possibilities: he might have learned it at school, he might have learned it from his French landlord, Mr. Mountjoy (although he was not yet livin ( Full Answer )

How can you learn french fluently?

No one can learn French fluently. Parisians do not think the people of Orleans speak correct French and the people of Orleans do not think Parisians speak correct French. None of them think Quebecois have any idea how the language should be spoken. So get yourself a computer program and start learni ( Full Answer )

In french. How is school?

comment VA l'école / comment ça se passe à l'école (meaning how are you performing and living at school) comment est l'école (what are the school buildings like)

What do they have in French schools?

What do they have in English schools? Math, Science, History, Geography, Sports, maybe another language, French, etc.

How do you say iam learning french?

Je suis l'apprentissage du français. (jeh soose le-ap-pren-ti-saj doo fran-cause) That's not necessarily how we would say that in Louisiana.. there are a couple of ways. See the following. "J'suis après apprendre français/Je suis...etc" (Shweez ah-pray ah-pronn frahn-say / Zjuh sweez) ( Full Answer )

How hard is it to learn French?

Not hard really and it is always fun to learn a foreign language. There are significant differences between English and French Grammar, but you'll learn them with time. Give it a try!

Which is the web to learn french?

Search for "French lessons", "French courses", "French tutorials", "learning French", maybe adding the words "online". There's too many changing too often to list specific site. Maybe edit this answer later to add the names of the sites you found most helpful. After you get the first notions, join ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to learn French in a year?

Language acquisition varies greatly with exposure. A person workingregularly to study the language, if alone in an all-French speakingenvironment, will certainly have a good level by the end of theyear - provided he is not starting from scratch, but already hassome basic knowledge. To be fair, I don ( Full Answer )

What are the best sites to learn French?

Enjoy articles, tutorials and lessons for free on ionitandrei.blogspot.com choose between important languages like: French, German, Italian, Spanish or you can learn them all

How do you learn french at the age of 11?

I started taking French in seventh grade, there are good progarms such as ROsetta Stone that will help become fluent fast also, there are mnay good websites online or if your school ha a lanuage teacher by going on their websotre you should be able to find some helpful links. You could also purchase ( Full Answer )

How can you learn french in 5 weeks?

There's really no good way to learn French in just 5 weeks. It's a complicated language with verb conjugations and expressions and so on. My advice would be to just memorize common everyday phrases or buy a translator book. Learning the language in that little time is nearly impossible. At the high ( Full Answer )

What foreign languages do French children learn in school?

English is by far the most-taught foreign language in French schools. Spanish comes second, German is a distant third. Italian, Chinese, Polish, regional languages are also taught but in very few high schools.

Is French hard to learn and study?

The difficulty of learning a language is based on two general criteria. 1) Inherent Difficulty of the Language: This is how complex the grammar, spelling, diction, and language composition are. (Japanese is much more grammatically simple than Russian, for example since it does not have cases, gen ( Full Answer )

How do French kids learn French in French schools?

French kids learn to speak French by ear at home, just as we learn to speak our native language from our family and friends, from early childhood. But just as in any language, there are certain things you can't learn entirely by ear. In French, the spelling and grammar require a lot of study and pra ( Full Answer )

What may be reasons for learning French?

Some reasons for learning how to speak French include: facilitates travel (French is the official language of around 30 countries in the world), or to expand your horizons (meeting new people, job opportunities, etc.)

Where is the best place to learn French?

Without question, the best place to be immersed in a language is the location where that language is most common. Learning French would obviously be best in France. However, since many cannot travel there, the alternatives are through a French tutor or by taking a French course at a community colleg ( Full Answer )