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Why do you leave a petrol car in gear but a diesel car in neutral for additional breaking?

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Engine braking is caused by the vaccum of the engine attempting to pull air through the closed throttle valve. Nearly all petrol (or gas for us in the US) engines use a throttle valve. Diesel engines on the other hand do not have a throttle. They are controlled solely by the amount of fuel injected into the cylinders. Not having a throttle valve, there is no restriction to the engine provide a vaccum when deccellerating, and hence, no engine braking. On large trucks (or lorries) the diesel engines will often have installed a valve in the exhaust system to provide the same effect, or they will have a compression release built into the valve train to do the same thing (often referred to as a "Jake Brake" as they were originally manufactured by the Jacobs company).

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What is the color of petrol and diesel in petrol station?

petrol light brown, diesel light green

What will happen if you use petrol in diesel engine and diesel in petrol engine?

Petrol in a Diesel will cause serious engine damage if you run the engine. Diesel in a petrol engine and the engine will simply not run. No damage will be done.

Is petrol is used in diesel cars?

No, diesel engine require diesel fuel. Put petrol in a diesel engine and you will destroy it.

What is diesel and petrol used for?

diesel and petrol are source which is used to generate power.

How do you tell petrol from diesel in a can?

Petrol is and bit more vicous and that diesel is a lot darker than petrol. Petrol burns quicker when set alight, however diesel burns more brightly!

Is the espero cdi petrol or diesel?


What is more combustible diesel or petrol?

Petrol is far more comustile compared to Diesel

Can a petrol engine be converted to a diesel engine?

No, you cannot convert a petrol to burn diesel.

What is better for the environment petrol or diesel?


Diesel or petrol has a higher density?


What happens if you accidentally put in petrol instead of diesel?

If you put petrol in a diesel vehicle do not start the engine. Petrol will do serious damage to a diesel engine. You must drain all the petrol out and flush the fuel lines.

Which thing catch fire most early in diesel or petrol?

Petrol will catch fire first, petrol is highly flammable, diesel is not.

What is the difference between petrol car and disel car?

The petrol one uses petrol, and, wait for it, the diesel one uses diesel!

How do you remove petrol from a diesel tank?

its simple just vaccum all diesel and then use petrol

What happen when petrol fuel is use in diesel engine?

Petrol in a diesel engine will destroy the engine.

Is it possible to use diesel in petrol engine?

No. A petrol or gasoline engine will not run on diesel fuel.

How many petrol diesel can be filled at a time?

How many petrol diesel...What? More information is needed.

Does a ford capri run on petrol or diesel?


Does petrol and diesel mix. Or do they separate if left. ie diesel sits at the bottom and petrol floats on top?

From my experience they do seperate. Gas (petrol) to the bottm and diesel to the top.

What happens when you put petrol in a Volvo diesel engine?

What happens is you must remove the petrol immediately. Petrol or gasoline will destroy a diesel engine.

Why cant petrol be used in diesel engine?

Because one has a petrol engine and the other has a diesel engine. Petrol/gasoline does not ignite the same way as diesel. It also does not have the lubrication qualities that diesel has. Gas in a diesel engine will damage the fuel system if the diesel very quickly.

When petrol is mixed with a diesel engine?

When petrol is mixed with diesel engine the engine will not start due to the following reasons;Fuel in diesel must be compressed at 400o and above to approach compression power while petrol start at 150oPetrol have lower density than that used in diesel enginePetrol use spark ignition lather pressure ignitionPetrol have different octane number than that used in diesel enginePetrol fuel cannot produce much power as that produced in diesel engine with real diesel fuel.Will not accomplish diesel engine phases

Why do petrol cars steam more then diesel cars?

because petrol is easer to burn than diesel

Is it bad to put petrol in a diesel car?

Yes, petrol/gasoline will severely damage a diesel engine.

What is the different between petrol and diesel?

The difference is that diesel is more oily than petrol, and is cheaper to produce.