Why do you look better in the mirror?

we look better in mirror becuase of many different reasons, the lighting of the room you are in plays a big role. it makes your skin color look different and gives you different shades on your face.

the other reason is you have a attitude that " i look good" or " i am not good looking, but i am not bad looking also" it makes you look good psycologycally.

the mirror itself plays a role sometimes on how you look. the mirror that makes you look long are making you look skinny in your eyes and feel good about yourself. but in reality you are have a fat face and you walk around like your got skinny face.

the last thing, you look at your self for long period of time. and you get used to your face and the face that is familiar to you looks better then a face that is not familiar and ugly. lol. yeah these are the reason we look better in mirror. keep looking coz you need that self pride to do whatever there is out there to be done.