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The excess blood which is in the penis goes back to the circulation and the erection is lost. There is a condition called priapism (see link below) which can cause you to have an erection that lasts longer - often this becomes painful.


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Pre-ejaculation doesnt have anything to do with you not getting an erection. It is just psychological problem.. you just need to train yourself.

You don't HAVE TO, but that's what often happens - for example, if you got the erection and pre-ejaculation because you were masturbating, then it is likely that you will continue until you ejaculate.

If he is capable of an erection and ejaculation then it's possible.

A major symptom is the inability to maintain erection to ejaculation.

You have to wait a while to get another erection. Depending on your age it can be from 10min to longer.

every time it is producing but during ejaculation or erection it quantity incrise

1. Inability to achieve and maintain erection. 2. Problems with ejaculation or orgasm.

The loss of erection after ejaculation is normal no matter what's going on, for most men the best stimulation ever still won't make him maintain an erection, he'll loose it no matter what.

The most obvious symptom of erectile problmes is the inability to maintain an erection. One can also have a lack of desire or suffer from premature ejaculation.

Prostate enlargement by itself does not effect the ability to get an erection. Prostate enlargement can lead to painful ejaculation, which can impact the ability of a male to achieve a full erection. If sex or masturbation prevents a full erection, due to enlarged prostate, you can use a penis pump to help achieve an erection.

Ejaculation does not cause males to lose weight.

No, an erection does not need to have an ejaculation under stimulation. Most boys will have many erections before giving any stimulation to it sexually.

The parasympathetic nervous system stinulates erection and the sympathetic nervous system stimulates ejaculation.

That you should not be having sex at eighteen.

I don't think that will work. Usually, a man won't have the willpower to masturbate, and then stop short of ejaculating.

Wet dreams, e.g. awakening to an erection or ejaculation, is a normal event for teen males and young men. Once reason they occur is the bladder becomes full overnight and this contributes to an erection. There is nothing you can do to "cure" wet dreams, because there is nothing abnormal to "cure".

No. But it is most important to pull out within a very short time after ejaculation to avoid "leaks" and the effects thereof. A clean removal of the penis should be accomplished before any loss of the erection, which will (usually) begin within a very short time after ejaculation.

Parasympathetic stimulation causes vasodilation of blood vessels in the penis, leading to erection; sympathetic stimulation then causes ejaculation.

No-unless he is nervous or uncomfortable then he might lose his erection.

If it's cold, it can shrink.Normally after ejaculation, or upon losing an erection, the penis shrinks because blood is allowed out of the corpus cavernosa.cold temperature and low blood

An erection is when the Penis becomes engorged with blood which has the effect of making it much longer thicker and harder. The result being that it can then be pushed into a woman's vagina prior to an ejaculation which is required to fertilize her ovum

Parasympathetic stimulation causes vasodilation of blood vessels in the penis, leading to erection; sympathetic stimulation then causes ejaculation.

Nothing. You get an erection, have intercourse and ejaculate hopefully but nothing changes physically.

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