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The excess blood which is in the penis goes back to the circulation and the erection is lost. There is a condition called priapism (see link below) which can cause you to have an erection that lasts longer - often this becomes painful.

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Q: Why do you lose your erection after ejaculation?
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Why can't you get an erection after pre-ejaculation?

Pre-ejaculation doesnt have anything to do with you not getting an erection. It is just psychological problem.. you just need to train yourself.

Can sperm come out without an erection?

yes, sperm can andseminalfluid can come out during ejaculation without an erection.

Do you have to ejaculate semen after haven an erection and pre-ejaculation?

You don't HAVE TO, but that's what often happens - for example, if you got the erection and pre-ejaculation because you were masturbating, then it is likely that you will continue until you ejaculate.

How to stay hard after ejaculation?

Males will quickly lose an erection after ejaculation, though may be able to attain another one anywhere from 5 minutes later to several hours later. The period between successive erections increases as you age.

Can a man hold on sperms after erection during intercourse?

Yes, the ejaculation (semen coming out) doesn't occur immediately after the erection. It usually requires some additional stimulation for an ejaculation - such as the one provided by intercourse.

Can a paralyzed man make children?

If he is capable of an erection and ejaculation then it's possible.

Is it normal for men to have arousal from having their nipples touched then leading to erection and ejaculation?


What are symptoms for sexual dysfuctions in men?

A major symptom is the inability to maintain erection to ejaculation.

How do you stay hard after ejaculation?

You have to wait a while to get another erection. Depending on your age it can be from 10min to longer.

How do you know when you can produce semen?

every time it is producing but during ejaculation or erection it quantity incrise

What are some symptoms of impotence?

1. Inability to achieve and maintain erection. 2. Problems with ejaculation or orgasm.

After first sex you lose erection?


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