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internet safety

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Q: Why do you need a username and password to log into a network?
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How does one log on to Ameritrade website?

To log into the Ameritrade website, you will need a username and password. You would insert your username and password by typing them into the appropriate boxes on the log in page, then click the log in button to log on.

What is bandit is password?

if you are looking to log in as bandit, you need his username and password. Here are the answers: Username: bin weevils is bandit Password: Unknown

Which two pieces information do you need in oder to log on to your computer?

You need your username and your password. ;-)

How to log in to ftp?

If you are in CMD type the following: user [your username] pass [your password] Replace [your username] with your username and [your password] with your password.

How do you log into Skype?

to log in you first type in your username and then your password

How do you log on to your facebook using someone elses computer?

Log out of their account and type in your username in the username box and your password in the password box.

How do you use others username and password?

Just log out and log in with different username, whats wrong?

How do you log into xp without username or password?

In order to work with Windows XP you should have a username and if the username is protected with a password you have to have the password too.

How do you log on to Free Realms?

go to log in and then put in your username and password

Does panera charge for wifi?

no but I think you need to make a username and password when you log in under their wifi

How do you log winxp on network and you don't know username or password?

If you mean, how do you log into windows over the network without a user name and password, the short answer is you don't, the long answer is you break into it. Don't break into someone else's computer, it can get you into a lot of trouble.

How do you log in as admin?

you type the admins username and password

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