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you dont necessarily need to be flexible to be a gymnast i am a level 7 in gymnastics and i cant touch my toes but being flexible makes it easier

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What sport uses flexibility?

In gymnastics you need to use flexibility.

How is womens gymnastics played in the Olympics?

It is played by flexibility, strenght and confidence. you have to have a flexible body to be in gymnastics. You need to be healthy and strong. You need flexibility and confidence.

How do you unlock the gymnastics?

you need flexibility endurance and ability

What sports do you need flexibility in?

Hockey goalie gymnastics

Why do you need flexibility?

So that you can move properly and be good at Gymnastics.

What does flexibility have to do with gymastics?

Flexibility has to do with gymnastics a great deal for example a front walkover you need back flexibility and leg flexibility just for one simple skill.

Why is flexibility important in gymnastics?

It is important because u need it's to do it and strength but so it's important because they use it gymnastics is about flexibility just practice splits cartwheel handstand ect.

Do you need to know gymnastics to do cheerleading?

not nesseserly but if you did do gymnastics you will be good for tumbling jumps and also flexibility which means most likely flying.

Which sports need flexibility?

gymnastics, figure skating.. that's all i know.. you are thick and know nothing.ALL sports require flexibility.

Why did the gymnastics get invented?

Gymnastics was invented to express gracefulness,flexibility and beauty.I personally love gymnastics.

What is the basis of gymnastics?

Strength and Flexibility

What sport is flexibility used in?


How is ballet similar to gymnastics?


What is an example of a sport which focuses on flexibility?

gymnastics. oh how i hate gymnastics even though gymnastics isn't excatly a sport , but i don't actually think there is a sport which focuses on flexibility

Did you know fact about gymnastics?

Gymnastics takes strength, flexibility, focus, and control.

Why do you need to be flexible in sport?

Flexibility is recommended in most sports but not really required unless your doing Gymnastics.

What do you need to play gymnastics?

A mat, some flexibility, strength, athleticism, determination, patience, and a positive attitude.

Is gymnastics like cheerleading?

the tumbling and flexibility is.

Why do you need to keep a tight body for gymnastics?

Keeping a toned body is essential for gymnastics because of the strength and flexibility required. Gymnasts primarily use their core to launch themselves in the various contexts of gymnastics.

How do you use flexibility in a sentence?

The young girl showed off her flexibility at her gymnastics meet.

What components of fitness do you need for gymnastics?

1. flexibility 2. strength 3. agility are some of the fitness components you need for gymnastics as it strengthens and tones your muscles and gives u a great cardiovascular workout.

Does a gymnastics workout help you lose weight?

Yes, gymnastics is about flexibility and muscle.. ergo, when u build muscle (flexibility does so) u burn fat.

What skills do you need to do gymnastics?

the number one skill needed for cheerleading wuold be flexibility. you can't do a split if you are not flexible.

What does gymnastics do for you?

Most say that gymnastics the foundation for most sports. Gymnastics helps to grow strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

What do gymnastics stunts help develop?

Gymnastics helps to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

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