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you need to be able to make gross movements in Netball. such as passing the ball using a shoulder pass.


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muscular endurance and muscular strength are related because you need muscular strength in order to have muscular strength. also, they both require muscles to be used

Muscular strength makes it better for a soccer player to run and kick.

A sport which needs muscular strength would be one such as Weight Lifting!

you need it to throw the ball far

Muscular Endurance is how long the muscles can perform repeated contractions at, or near a maximum level for an extended period of time with becoming tired or fatigued. In Netball you would need to have good muscular endurance in your leg muscles so that you would not become tired after running up and down the court for the duration of the Netball game (one hour).

You can have muscular power when your jumping vertically up to try and defend and get the ball. PS: I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER <3

muscular strenght is your muscle strength

PowerStrengthMuscular enduranceMuscular Endurancebody composition

You need strength in netball to keep possession of the ball and to have the strength to throw the ball far distances with force to another member of your team. If players did not have strength, it will make it easier for the opposing team to get possession of the ball and it will be more difficult to intercept a pass.

muscular strength is the capacity or the limit of your muscle. muscular power is how much can your muscle exert.

By taking classes, and try to persevere yourself to go take aerobics or improve your muscular strength

Muscular strength should be apart of anyones training program. Training for muscular strength should consist of 2-4 repititions and muscular failure should occur.

Muscular Endurance is different from muscular strength. Muscular strength is when you have the ability to push weight and so on. Endurance is when you can endure a certain physical activity for a long period of time.

any sport that requires physical activity

You would not be able to move your arms or legs without muscular strength. Therefore, to swim anywhere in water, one MUST HAVE an acceptable amount of body strength just to be able to move.

Almost all sports need muscular strength of some type or form. For example even in running it is important to train the muscles of your legs. If you mean dense muscle, sports such as shot put and perhaps boxing are sports that require muscular strength.

You'll need muscular strength is weight lifting, football, wrestling, boxing, shot-put, discus, and cross country. Pretty much every sport requires muscular strength, but these are a few requiring more than others. Hope I helped!

Because you need to be able to kick the ball far and get it past the goalie.And if you're the goalie you need to have strength to stop the ball because if you don't have muscular strength and the ball is kicked really hard you will go flying back.

To play netball you need a netball court, netball nets a netball and also a set of bibs.

All of them. Every athlete's performance can benefit from muscular strength.

muscular strength is to have strong mucles

Muscular Strength is strength of your muscles, mainly to exert power on other objects. Muscular Strength also means that you can burn more energy while resting. Muscular Strength increases overall fitness by keeping blood flow optimal in the body.

Full body power is required in netball:

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