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Why do you need passports for the Disney Cruise Ships?

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The Disney Cruise Ships travel to places outside the USA.

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do children need passports to take a cruise?

No, temporary passports for a cruise are not available. You will need to get a normal passport if you are cruising out of the United States.

There is no 'off season' for cruise ships. They need to maximise there use to make a profit.

To get a cruise to Disney world you will need to take a cruise on Disney cruise lines. I don't believe they allow and other cruise lines to dock at the park. However you could go to Florida and see the park then take a cruise from a near by port.

If you are a US citizen and plan to cruise before summer 2008, you do not need a passport to travel by sea (cruise) to the Bahamas, Mexico or the Caribbean. The Department of Homeland security extended the deadline for requiring passports for land and sea travel to ease the demand (and subsequent backlog) for passports. The new deadline for requiring passports will be announced this spring.

Good question! When you plan your cruise, you need to let Disney know about your dietary restrictions so they can help you.

Even newborns need passports to enter other countries. Even Puerto Rico and Mexico now.

Each cruise is different, so you'll need to go to their website to find what you want.

Each cruise is different, so you need to go to their website to find out.

Every time an individual travels out of his country, most of the destination requires passports.

You do not need passports for domestic flights in the Philippines. You only need passports for international flights. However, many people do bring along their passports as a form of ID. You will need proper identification to travel by plane.

I don't know that any cruise ships have permanent dialysis units on board. However a group call Dialysis at Sea (see related link) does offer select cruises that will allow patients that need dialysis to take a cruise.

If you're a US citizen and planning to cruise to the Bahamas before summer 2008, you need either a certified copy of your birth certificate (it must have a raised seal) and a government issued photo ID (such as a drivers license) or a passport.The government may delay requiring passports for travel by sea but passports will ultimately be required for travel outside the US.

Yes, the need to keep the generators going.

You need to ask about that. Their phone number is (800) 951-3532.

Actual passports are not required if you are leaving the country by land or boat. However, passport cards are required in order for you to enter back into the US. Passport cards are similar to drivers licenses and cost less than actual passports.

In short, yes. You need to have a passport to travel internationally and cruise ships travel internationally. A passport is your legal permit to travel.

If you are interested in taking a Disney Wonder Cruise, never pay for the full price when you can find discounts and bargains that are available online. There are many online sites that will be able to provide you with the promotions that you need to save money.

Passport requirements depend on the cruise itinerary and when you're planning to visit Alaska. Most cruises to Alaska on the large cruise lines (Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Princess, etc.) are required to touch a foreign port - and either start in or visit Canada during the cruise. Until sometime in summer 2008 or thereafter (the exact date has not been established) a passport is not required for travel by sea or land to Canada. If you're planning to cruise in the spring, you will not need a passport -- unless you must fly to Vancouver to meet the ship (passports are required for travel by air to Canada). Several small cruise lines (Cruise West, Majestic America, American Safari) have US registry and are able to cruise only in Alaska. Passports are not required for these sailings.

Carnival comes to mind, when it comes to cruise ships. If you're interested in that they have a website, that has all the information you need. They're not the only ones though. There are many cruise ships, and each one varies in price, so you really have to do some research to figure out which one suits you best.

If you're traveling by plane, then yes. I'm not sure about cruise ships though.

If you are looking to create lasting memories of a fun family vacation, consider booking a Disney Cruise. This family vacation takes place aboard a cruise ship, but you also have plenty of opportunities to stop and partake in activities off the ship. Disney vacations cater to young families, so you never have to worry that your children are being a nuisance to other travelers.How to Start Planning for a Disney CruiseYou can find almost all of the information you need by going straight to the source. The Disney Cruise Line operates a website at where you can find location, dates, prices and all other pertinent information that you need in one central location. If this is your first visit to the website, start at the top navigation bar with Cruises and Destinations. This drop-down menu lists all locations where Disney Cruises travel. You can also find special offers and package deals.The next section, Ships and Activities, gives you an idea of the types of entertainment you can expect to find once you and your family are aboard the ship. If you need a night away from the kids, the cruise line provides adult only activities and childcare for an extra fee. By reading this section, you will also learn about everything aboard the ship itself, such as live theatre performances and the workout room.The third section of the Disney Cruise website invites you to find a cruise that is just perfect for you. The website will match you with an available cruise after you have entered some basic information, such as where you want to travel, the dates, length of cruise you would like, where you are departing from, the number of people and ages of your children. Please note that Disney Cruises depart from only four US states and one location each in Canada and Spain, so you need to budget for airfare to get to the port of departure.The final section of the Disney Cruise website provides you with several resources if you are still in the planning phase of your cruise.

Yes you will need a passport if the sailing is after June 2009. But if you are traveling before that you can still use your birth certificate.

Depending on where the customer would wish to depart, there are several different stops on a Disney Cruise. If a customer was looking for a specific stop on a cruise, they would need to decide where they are departing from. For example, if one is departing from San Diego, Disney offeres cruises to the California Coast or one to the Panama Canal. If one wanted to see cities in the Bahamas or the Caribbean, one would need to depart from MIami, Fl, San Juan, PR or Port Canaveral, Fl.

You need it to identify a person's identity