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The rules of the game need to be followed to be fair to all of the players.

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Q: Why do you need to follow correctly the rulesof the game scrabble?
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Why you need to follow correctly the rules of the game scrabble?

Because if you do not you will be accused of cheating and nobody will want to play with you. It is more fun if you follow the designed rules.

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Why is it that the bottom of the Scrabble Game does not show on my computer. I do have an XP. Poppit works fine but not scrabble ?

It is likely your monitor resolution is not set correctly for that particular game. If you go into your control panels and try changing your monitor to a higher resolution it will probably fix the problem.

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The scrabble game was made in 1929

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How do you get 3 wooden Scrabble letters for your Scrabble game?

Take one from another scrabble game.

Was scrabble famous game?

Yes. Scrabble is a famous word game.

How does one learn how to play Scrabble?

Scrabble comes with a set of easy to follow instructions. One can also find instructions online. The easiest way, however, is probably just to play a game with an experienced player.

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