Why do you need to negotiate automobile purchase price as to purchasing goods from a store?

Some car dealers/seller may have the same common automobile which mean there is a large amount of competition. Buying an automobile is not always as simple as getting fruits or meats. Customers will drive from place to place to find a better deal and may drive from state to state. Book Value or Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) does not necessarily correspond to the price seller actually use or price customers are willing to pay. Seller may need to set their prices below MSRP to move inventory, especially for items with low demand or in a sluggish economy. A regular store would more likely have a break even which is already priced in. Lowering that amount may cause that store to be a little unstable; lose or go out of business in the longer run. There may be times when the store have to take a lost or to discount an item to keep inventory moving. But it like the told saying if its not broken don't try and fix it, which mean a store is less likely to negotiate. Check tycromedia for more information on negotiations.