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Why do you need to put gasoline in the carburetor to make the car start sometimes?

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2005-04-14 20:36:51
2005-04-14 20:36:51

this on on older carbs is usual, sometimes the engine needs the gas NOW , take your carb off and clean it through out , this should help in leaps and bounds, by the way im 17 you people should know this

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No. The carburetor will fill and function normally if you install it dry. You may want to use a little starting fluid to help it start a little sooner and put a little less strain on the starter, but otherwise, if it's put together right the carburetor doesn't need to be soaked to make the engine run. Even if it's put together wrong, soaking it won't help.

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Make sure fuel is getting too the carburetor. The carburetor might not be getting fuel or it could possibly be getting too much fuel. Adjusts the carburetor.

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