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Why do you need to put gasoline in the carburetor to make the car start sometimes?

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this on on older carbs is usual, sometimes the engine needs the gas NOW , take your carb off and clean it through out , this should help in leaps and bounds, by the way im 17 you people should know this

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Does bad gasoline make a ford f150 hard to start It was starting fine before the gasoline was put in?


Why is it dangerous to use gasoline to start a fire?

It is dangerous to start a fire with gasoline because it could make the fire to large and burn some one around the fire

Is it necessary to soak a carburetor in gasoline before installing it in a 1981 Toyota Corolla?

No. The carburetor will fill and function normally if you install it dry. You may want to use a little starting fluid to help it start a little sooner and put a little less strain on the starter, but otherwise, if it's put together right the carburetor doesn't need to be soaked to make the engine run. Even if it's put together wrong, soaking it won't help.

What must you do to make cars in the summer and winter run?

Put in gasoline and start them up.

1971 ford pickup will turn over but won't start what's wrong with it I changed the points and plugs.?

Make sure fuel is getting too the carburetor. The carburetor might not be getting fuel or it could possibly be getting too much fuel. Adjusts the carburetor.

What make carburetor is on a 1968 harley Davidson flh?

tillotson 2d series carburetor

What is the function of a carburetor?

carburettar is to supply fuel to the inlet manifold ,which then goes to ignition chamber the carburettor supplies the fuel at a metered rate .the idlesettings etc, are all done at the carburettor. the amount of gas supplied depends on demand requiredAerosolize gasoline to help make gasoline vapor in a fuel/air mixture to produce good combustion. If the carburetor does not work well and the gasoline droplets in the aerosol are too big to evaporate completely they will not burn completely and unburned hydrocarbon emission rises.A carburetor mixes air and fuel into an easy to burn vapor. This is pulled into the engine where it is readily burned to produce power through combustion.

How do you do a Carburetor adjustments on Toyota 3AU Engine to have a better performance?

In order to have a better performace with my engine I make sure that the fuel filter is always clean, and if trouble comes with my carburetor I clean it using gasoline and dried up using air compressor to remove some of the residue coming from the gasoline tank, In adjustment of the carburetor of my 3AU engine, the timing of the engien is important and the spark plugs are clean, and the distributor cup and cables are properly attached and clean, to have a better timing and adjustment of the air and gasoline required by the engine, if trouble comes just remove the air control to remove some dirt. while the engine is still running.

What is liquid used to make gasoline?

Crude oil is distilled to make gasoline.

How do you make carburetor adjustments on a 1987 Toyota Camry?

The 1987 Toyota Camry does not have a carburetor. It is fuel injected.

How do you make gasoline on alchemy for Droid?

petroleum +Pressure = gasoline

What is a liquid to make gasoline?

Gasoline is normally extracted from petroleum.

If spark plugs have gone will your car still start?

Without a spark vaporized gasoline will not ignite and make the motor run.

What makes a carburetor backfire?

Several things could make a carburetor backfire. The engine could be out of time. the carburetor could have a stuck float, or the engine could have a stuck valve.

How do you make gasoline on alchemy?

petroleum+pressure makes gasoline on alchemy

Why do you have to pump accelerator to start 396 and it has new carburetor?

If the engine runs well after it's warmed up, you just need to adjust the choke to make the engine start and run better when it's cold.

Can a fuel filter make carburetor pop gas?


Why will my 2002 Ford Ranger not start?

one thing you have to remember is that all gasoline engines require GAS. so make sure you have some of that, and then it should start right up.

How many gallons of water does it take to make one gallon of gasoline?

Zero as you can not make a gallon of gasoline from water.

Hero Honda CD 100 bike carburetor tuning?

To set the carburetor on the Hero Honda CD 100 bike, locate the set screw attached to the carburetor. Start the bike and using a screwdriver, turn the screw until the bike runs smoothly. This may take a few tries to make sure the screw is getting turned the right way.

Four things that make up gasoline?

What are the four things that run on gasoline?

Why does my2001 kawasaki vulcan 800 classic turns over but will not start?


You were driving and your car tried to die like you were running out of gas you pulled over and went to start it again and it would turn over but not start just keeps cranking?

Was there gas in the gas tank? How old is your car? Sometimes your fuel filter gets clogged up. Sometimes your carburetor gets clogged up. Sometimes your fuel injectors get clogged up. With alcohol in the gasoline, you seldom have water in your gas tank because the alcohol mixes it with the gasoline so it no longer causes a problem. Is the gas cap tight on your gas tank. If it is not tight, that can cause the problem you describe. If your gas tank can not hold pressure, your car can act like it is out of gas. It is easiest to check your gas cap. Then replace your filter. Then clean out your gas line. If it still does it, hook it up to a computer. You could have computer problems. Modern cars have a number of computers. Electronics go bad. People make good money fixing them. Do everything else first.

Can fossil fuel be used to make gasoline for autos?

yes there are some fossil fuels used to make gasoline for autos.

1992 Chevy Corsica?

what can make car sometimes have trouble starting then sometimes start right up and then sometimes drive good down the road and sometimes cut out please help