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Your low beams are burnt out. that happens alot

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2008-06-01 00:02:24
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Q: Why do you not have low beams But you have high beams on a 2002 vw passat?
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Why does your low beams not work but your high beams do on a 2002 vw beetle?

Check bulbs Check hi-low switch

2002 vw jetta Low beams do not work high beams still work?

Bulbs are burnt. replace both. low and high are together in the same bulb.

Why would the high beams work but the low beams don't on a 2002 Chrysler Sebring?

fuse, bulbs or switch

What headlamps for 2002 corolla?

Low beams - 9006 bulbs or HB4 bulbs High beams - 9005 bulbs or HB3 bulbs

The high beams on your 2002 Chevy Malibu is too bright in fog or snow but impossible to see with low beams can they be adjusted?


Why will my high beams work but my low beams do not on my 1994 Chevy half ton?

Your high beams work but your low beams do not because the switch is broken that switches between high and low beams. Electrical switches wear out.

Are the high beam bulbs the same as the low beam bulbs on a 2002 passat?

yes both are same

When its snowing should you use high or low beams?

Low beams...high beams will light up the snowflakes and actually impair vision.

What will cause a 2002 Monte Carlo to have high beams and no low beams?

Well, first i would replace the low beam bulbs, if that doesn't work, perhaps a fuse, and if not that, wiring problems.

Why does the passenger side headlight go out when turning on high beams on my 2002 Honda Odyssey This happens even when the lamps are swapped?

when high beams are turned on low beams go out u need to look at the wires and connetors 4 the high beams are not working on that side good luck

Should you use your low beams or high beams when driving in fog?

You should use low beams when driving in fog. It is more difficult to see driving with high beams in fog.

When you are driving in snow or fog should you use your high beams or low beams?

Low beams - high beams only light up the snow or fog which further impairs vision.

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