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Weak battery Bad or corroded battery cables Bad starter solenoid

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Q: Why do you only hear a click when you turn the key of your 1993 olds cutlass supreme?
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On the turn indicator. Pull the turn indicator toward you until you hear it "click", about 1/4", then release.

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Why won't your 1986 Oldsmobile cutlass Supreme start Changed battery kick panel fuses are all good you hear nothing when you turn key?

If your battery is good and you hear nothing when you turn over the key, you should check the starter and or solenoid to begin with. The solenoid should make a "click click" noise when you turn the key. Most parts stores will test it for free. If your battery and starter are good, then look to the ignition switch.Hope this helps.Answer 2You might also want to check for loose wiring or a loose battery cable, Answer 3I own a 1985 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme. I had the same problem- it drove me nuts. it wasnt the battery, starter ingnition switch, nothin. It turned out to be the ignition module. Its located under the distributer cap. we swapped it out with another one we found, and it started right up. im not sure why these things go bad.

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Why do you hear a click click click and nothing happens when shifting your 97 expedition into 4 wheel drive?


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