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We do not only use one percent of our brains. All parts of our brains are used. The brain is decided into sections that control different things, such as, emotions, memory, creativity, and controlling the body.

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What percentage of brain HUMAN CAN use?

only 1%

How can we use more than 10 of our brain?

You cannot. You have only one brain so you can use at most 1 of your brain!

Do we use under 1 percent of your brains?

You use all of your brain-- just not all at once. It is a myth that much of our brains goes unused.

Are dopaminergic neurons as common as 1 percent of the brain?


What are the release dates for Playing with Fire - 2013 I Only Use Half of My Brain Half of the Time 1-3?

Playing with Fire - 2013 I Only Use Half of My Brain Half of the Time 1-3 was released on: USA: April 2013

Can a dolphin live with half of its brain?

Yes if if had half of its memory, emotions etc. then yes because they only use about 1% to 10% of brain power.

Why is there only 1 percent of fresh water available for organisms to use?

cheesey toothe picks

How do you prove 1 plus 1 equal to 1?

use you brain

What percent of brain does a normal human being uses?

A normal Human being can use its brain upto 10%. Normally of 10%, human being uses 1% to 2%. Out of these, Albert Einsteins had highest brain percentage which was 9.8%. A great miracle! Answer By- Nishant Upadhyay

How much does a fish brain weigh?

The weight of a fish brain varies by the species of fish. In general the weight of a fish brain is equal to 1 percent of their body weight.

What percent of stuff we buy is still in use six months later?

in the US only 1% of stuff is still in use after 6 months

What part of your brain do you use when you read?


What percent of water is available for people to use?

Less than 1 percent is available for human's use.

What 1 method to protect your brain?

Use a helmet.....

How much of oxygen does your brain use?


How do you use ambidextrous in a sentence?

The report claimed that only 1 percent of the world population is naturally ambidextrous. The word ambidextrous is an adjective.

Does a crocodile have a brain?

of course it does! every animal has a brain. without a brain you could live. But the size of it's brain is only as big as a walnut. which is about 1:3 of an ounce

What percent of fresh water do humans use?

There is less than 1 percent of fresh water that humans can use on earth.

How much does an ant's brain weigh?

An average any weighs about three milligrams. A brain of an any is about 1 to 5 percent of the its body weight. Therefore an average ant brain weighs about 20 micrograms.

Is 6 over 7 closer to 1 or 1 and 1 an a half or 2?

1,use your brain

Is it ok to use clotrimazole 1 percent cream on your face?

No, it is not okay to use Clotrimazole 1 percent cream on your face. To get a cream for your face, you will need to visit with your doctor.

Does the human brain have an infinite capacity for memory?

Let's put it this way. One study out of Cornell University found the you only use one-tenth of 1% of your total brain capacity, with a lifespan of 82 years.

If an insect eats a plant and a bird eats the insect about how much energy from the plant is stored in the insect for the bird to use?

answer is 1 percent b/c the insect gets 10 percent of the plant's energy, and only 10 percent of that 10 percent is available for the bird

What percent of United States 1.00 is .25?

A quarter (1/4) is 25 percent of a whole 1 as 100 percent. Not only in the United States of America.

Who much the world water is available for human use?

98 percent is salt water, so we can not drink that. So then you have 2 percent. But 1 percent of that is in glaciers. So we have access to about 1 percent.