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Rites of passage and coming of age will happen often without any planning. These events cause those that experience them to become more disciplined and able to find happiness and contentment. These happenings shape a person into who he or she will become. Letting the development of character up to chance is often less than desirable especially when one is ready to lead a greater life. For that reason, people head down the road of personal development.

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Q: Why do you plan personal development?
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What is the purpose of a personal development plan?

You can use a personal development plan to map your career. It helps you identify and organize your career with an action plan.

What is a personal development plan?

A personal development plan is an action plan designed to help a person reach a goal they've set. A personal development plan might be created to achieve anything from becoming less shy to becoming a more effective worker.

How do you work with others to agree own personal development plan?

How you work with others to agree on your own personal development plan is important. These people will tell you what you need to do.

What does this phrase mean 'personal career development plan'?

There are many things that could be meant by the phrase personal career development plan. This could be exactly what it sounds like for example.

Give three examples of records that carers contribute to?

Know how a personal development plan can contribute to own learning and development.

How do you contribute to drawing up own personal development plan appraisal?

Someone can contribute to drawing up their own personal development plan appraisal by making a list of what they want and expect. By doing so, a person has a written down idea of what is actual and what is perhaps unrealistic.

What is personal development plan?

This is a process which is used to review, build and reflect on your personal weaknesses and how you are going to improve on them. This helps you to reflect on what you have achieved as well as helping you to set goals with clear steps on how you are going to achieve them.

What are the types of regional or urban planning?

master plan-which is a plan for 20 years,but it should cope up with the dynamic change. Development plan-it is about for 10 years and shows the direction of the development Local development plan-it is about for 5 years and have a details .so it is a detailed plan

What a effective development plan should contain and the length of time that it shoukld cover?

A effective development plan should contain ?

What is a career plan?

Career plan & development is one of the most important aspects of life for any individual. Without career development, there is no personal or professional growth for the individual. As a reason, many people self experiment with their career development, which have some disastrous results on their career. The only way to move your career forward is to have a set plan and work on it. Once your career moves forward, you can think of ways to maximize your career potential.

What is the difference between a master plan and a strategic development plan?

A master plan is a set of goals that need to be accomplished. A strategic development plan is a list of things that need to be done to accomplish set goals.

What personal factors influence a child or young persons development?

There are many personal factors that influence a child or young person's development. One of these personal factors is personality.

How can you develop your personality development?

There are a number of personal development programs that will assist you in your personality development check out or for Chris Howard a personal development expert I have an excellent experience check out

If you finish your degree how will this contribute to your personal development and to the development of your community workplace society and country?

my personal development will be enhanced , i would be able to boost and sustain economy within the community

What plan was to get a UN agency to control nuclear weapons and development?

Baruch Plan.

What should an effective development plan contain?

An effective development plan should factor in the effects on the environment and how some of them can be reduced. For example, a mine shaft should have a plan for rehabilitation after it is depleted.

How might knowing about factors that influence change help you with personal development?

How might knowing about factors that influence change help you with personal development?

How the development of personal computer has extended the use of computer in todays world?

how the development of personal computer extended the use of computer in todays world

What do I need to study in psychology to fit in with personal develoment career?

Ethical development is the area to study in psychology to fit in with personal development career.

How does communication affect the development of your personal identities?

Communication affects the development of your personal identities in a great way. Without proper communication, you are not able to interact with attributes that influence your personal identity.

What is personal development in french?

développement personnel

What should a personal essay be about?

child development

How does driving contribute your personal development and situation?


How do Principles underpin personal and professional development and reflective practice?

Personal and professional development allows individuals to achieve critical changes to personality, identity, attitude, values and beliefs. They also allow people to increase personal and professional satisfaction and allow people to assess their own capabilities and realistically understand and achieve their personal potential. Reflection, personal and professional development allow individuals to settle issues from the past, assessing the current achievements and abilities and ultimately developing an action plan for future potential It is critical that every person contemplates development in order to fully achieve goals and be contented, therefore reducing stress, creating balance and allowing personal control of life. H 17/04/2009

What is a key element of every Individual Development Plan?

Identified training and development opportunities