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Why do you plug in diesel engine?


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The "plug" powers an coolant heater. A diesel engine starts easier if the engine is warm.


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Diesel engine doesn't use spark plug.

Actually , there are no spark plugs in a diesel engine

If the engine has spark plug it is said to be petrol engine, and if it has a pump to inject fuel then it is diesel engine.

A diesel engine doesn't have spark plugs or spark plug wires.

There are no spark plugs in a diesel engine therefor no plug wires thus no distributor and no coil.

only if you have a diesel engine.

The engine wont run because the octane count of diesel is lower compared to the octane count of gasoline. Diesel has a different method of combustion and the spark of spark plug is not enough to fire a diesel engine.

On the front of the truck by the tow hook

The glow plug is the diesel version of a spark plug. There are 4 glow plugs (1 for each cyl.) located usually near the injector on top of the cylinder head.AnswerThe glow plug is NOT the diesel version of a spark plug, they both do different jobs. The glow plug is there to aid starting when the engine is cold. The spark plug is there to provide the spark for combustion to take place in a petrol/gasoline engine.

There is not spark plugs in a diesel engine.

because of in the diesel engine fuel injector is uses for ignite the charge & they are operated by fuel pump not to electricity and in the diesel engine there is no requirement of spark plug to genrate the spark

Diesel engines have a far higher compression which allows the diesel fuel to explode without the use of a spark plug.

The glow plug relay, on your 2004 Ford 6.0 liter diesel engine, can be found just below the fuse box. The fuse box can be found in the engine compartment.

In my 1986 F350, I replaced a the 6.9 diesel engine with a 1989 7.3 diesel engine. Everything fit. BUT I had to used the glow plug system from the 6.9 system

If it is cold outside then yes it is best to plug it in to make for an easier start and less stress on the engine.

spark ignition engine is also known as petrol engine. but in diesel engines the fuel is burnt due to the high compression of there is no need of spark plug

The oil filter on a Holden Captiva Diesel can be located under the alternator. It is next to the engine oil sump plug and at the back of the car's engine.

how diesel engine works. on which principle diesel engine works. who search the diesel engine. capacity of diesel engine. how we calculate the efficiency of diesel engine. firing order of diesel engine. any videos

the diesel engine was invented in 1892 by Rudolf Diesel. the diesel engine was invented in 1892 by Rudolf Diesel.

A petrol engine is ignited by a spark plug, and a diesel engine is ignited by the heat produced from the air/ fuel mixture being compressed in the cylinder

Do you have an old diesel or a new one? If you have an old diesel engine, you turn the key to the "run" position and look for the glow plug light. Glow plugs heat the cylinders, and when the engine is warm the light goes out, you turn the key and the engine starts. On a new diesel, you turn the key and it starts.

if we apply spark plug, machine also can run.but compared to previous case withput spark plug which will have low efficiency.

Wait until the light turns off then start the car. Diesel engine?

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