Why do you retain fluid when you exercise?


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It's usually because you're not getting enough water. It sounds counter-intuitive, but MORE water can actually help you get rid of water retention. If your body builds up salts you will retain water so that the salt level does not get too concentrated. By drinking more WATER you will be able to pass the salts and get rid of the extra water. If that doesn't solve the problem, you may need to talk to your doctor. Water retention can also be an indication of high blood pressure.

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What blockages in the body retain fluid in the body

the body loses lots of fluid during exercise and if the fluid is not replaced through taking drinks dehydration can occur

Exercise increases body fluid requirements. When people engage in physical activity their body keeps cool by evaporating moisture from their bodies.

== == == Intaking fluid into the body pushes other excess fluid out. So long as you are drinking a consistent amount of non-caffeinated fluid from day to day, and keeping your sodium intake at a healthy level - you will not be retaining fluid. If you try to deny your thirst, or allow yourself to remain dehydrated - then the body will retain any fluid you do drink as a way to try to prevent future dehydration. I think you may have an eating disorder. Ice is water. Does drinking water make you retain water? Possibly. I suggest you see a therapist to discuss your body image issues. Ice does not make you retain water,salt(sodium) does! No more soups,celery,chips & frozen dinners!

Salt is not going to get into the body through the skin if you walk in it, you have to actually eat or drink it for it to get into your body and affect your fluid balance.

Membrames called nephrons filtrate and extract nutrients from fluid ingested.

build up of synovial fluid build up of synovial fluid

As the disk brake pads wear, the callipers will retain more brake fluid. You won't necessarily be LEAKING brake fluid, but you may be needing to examine your brakes.

Yes, There are two sets of internal seals and a rear seal. The internal seals can fail and the cylinder will retain the Brake fluid, it just wont work correctly.

Before exercise: Drink one to cups (eight to 16 ounces) of fluid two hours before exercise to make sure you are well hydrated. Then drink another one-half to one cup immediately before exercise. During exercise: Drink one-half to one cup every 15 to 20 minutes during exercise. Although this might seem tough at first, once you schedule it into your regular training routine, you will quickly adapt to having fluid in your stomach. In fact, the fuller your stomach is, the faster it will empty. After exercise: Replace any fluid you have lost. Drink two cups of fluid for every pound of body weight you lose during exercise. In hot, humid weather, you need to drink more than usual. (But do not forget that dehydration also occurs during cold weather exercise

Different people sweat different amounts, then it depends on how hard and how long you exercise and what the ambient temperature is. Can be anything from a cup to several pints

No it is not normal. See your physician right away. You could be getting gas, air or fluid buildup and it is not normal before, during or after exercise.

i think the only homeostatic mechanism which works at it's best during exercise is the osmotic mechanism of the kidneys we lose water as sweat during exercise and hence kidneys have to work to retain the water in our body.

No, humans need salt to survive. The cells in the human body need salt to retain fluid and for the regulation of electrical activity.

Salt can cause the body to retain fluids. Too much fluid in the body can cause blood pressure to rise and can effect the kidneys.

Cats, like other mammals, need exercise to retain a healthy weight and optimum overall health. If a cat does not play on its own, the owner should encourage play with a variety of toys and activities. Many cats are active at night. Owners may not be aware that the cat is getting exercise.

Sodium causes edema which is swelling of the tissues of the body. Sodium causes the body to retain fluid which it uses to dilute the concentration of sodium.

It depends on how much extersice you do and the type of food you consume.

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synovial fluid is found in the joints. it lubricates them whilst allowing friction-free movement. when a cars tyre is flat it's only flat at bottom.

Alcohol is capable of making hands and feet swollen. This is because alcohol can cause someone to retain fluid, if they are already a bit dehydrated.

To an extent, yes water dooes flush out salt. But, it only flushes out the excess salt, that causes us to retain fluid.

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Because when you exercise, you lose a lot of fluids. So what you lose, you have to gain back.

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