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Buddhism was accepted by millions of people in other lands. missionaries had carried Buddha's message through Asia. Buddha became mixed with earlier Chinese thinkers. millions of Chinese became Buddhists ,and Buddhists monasteries in china became centers of religious thought. today, Buddhism is part of the cultures of such countries as Japan, the Korea's, china, Tibet, part of china ,and Vietnam.

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What are Buddhism countries of origin?

The origin of Buddhism is INDIA.

Why do you think Buddhism was accepted in so many countries outside India?

It is true that Buddhism has been accepted in many countries outside India, but very few countries are nowadays following the pure teachings of the Buddha (Theravada Buddhism), i.e., the teachings which are not adjusted, fixed, or amended, even in a word, but maintained as originally taught by the Buddha.The other branches of Buddhism include: adjustments and amendments to the teachings of the Buddha, like adding new things to and removing certain things from the teachings, and all these things are in contrast with the original teachings of the Buddha.Note. The countries following Theravada Buddhism at present-day are: Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, and among five of them, Myanmar is the country where the Four Noble Truths are the best prominent.

What effect did Emperor Ashoka have on Buddhism?

He spread Buddhism to areas outside of India.

How did Buddhism become a major religion?

Insted the question should be Why did Buddhism went outside India?

Where is Buddhism concentrated?

India and it's surrounding countries.

What cultures did Buddhism affect?

Buddhism effects the cultures and countries of China, India, the Middle east and many countries in Asia

How was the religion of Buddhism accepted in ancient India and why?

The religion of Buddhism was accepted because the Buddha's lessons about life and the nature of suffering taught people lessons. It was accepted because many people wanted to achieve nirvana.

Did Buddhism came from Korea?

Buddhism originated in India. Buddhism spreaded from there to other countries. It strated around 6 B.c.

Was Buddhism accepted in Korea and japan?

Yes, it was. Buddhism spread From India to China then to Japan, the Koreas, Tibet (part of China) and Vietnam.

What countries practice Buddhism besides India?

Long list,really! Buddhism is practiced all over the world,enormously in India. Here are the top 5 countries that practice this religion: India Nepal China Thailand and Japan

Is Buddhism or Hinduism more popular?

It depends on where. Inside of India Hinduism is by far more popular than Buddhism. Outside of India Buddhism was a more popular religion. It all depends on location and time period in which you are asking.

Where is Buddhism influential today?

Countries among which Buddhism is practiced includes India, Sri lanka. According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha lived and taught in the eastern part of India.

How did Buddhism spread outside of India?

As with many world religions, it was the followers who helped to spread the faith, after the founder was dead. While there were individual examples of missionaries (usually Buddhist monks) going outside of India to teach in Buddhism's formative years, the most important period for the spread of Buddhism began around the year 272, after an influential Indian king named Ashoka adopted Buddhism. Ashoka contributed greatly to the growth of Buddhism within India; but he also contributed to its growth outside of India by sending missionaries to other centers of population along the Silk Road, where they shared Buddhist teachings and established centers of worship. Buddhist monks taught about the religion in China, Japan, Thailand, and throughout Asia; further, the words of the Buddha were translated into the local languages, making it easier for people in different countries to learn what Buddhism was about.

Where has Buddhism spread?

Buddhism has spread across the world but is most popular in China, Japan, India, and other countries in that geographic vascinity.

What countries have Buddhism?

Buddhism is all over the world. But mainly in Asia in and around India. Allthough there are around 300,000 Buddhists in the UK.

Is Buddhism from India?

Buddhism originated in India, and it never caught on in India. Buddhism was then introduced in China, Korea, and Japan

When did budism begin?

It is generally accepted by the majority of historians that Buddhism started in the 5th century B.C.E. It originated in northern India.

How did changes in Buddhism influence art in India?

In Buddhism, it used to be taboo to present art of the Buddha. This changed and was eventually relaxed. Statues were made in India and other countries which influenced Indian art.

What continent did Buddhism start on?

Buddhism started in South Asia. The country is India.

Name the countries where Buddhism spread?

Buddhism spread to: China Japan Korea Most of Asia. Buddhism spread to: China Japan Korea Most of Asia.

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