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Some people find happiness in being with someone that is dangerous. The term Hybristophilia refers to this type of love.

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Where to find the robber suit on club penguin?

i don't think there's a robber suit.

Why do you think johnny spoke to dally?

Johnny loved Dally in a way that Johnny had never been loved before. He wanted Dally to know that just because they were greasers, they were people, too.

Is Miley Cyrus a robber?

No, I don't think so?

Why did Forrest Gump think of Jenny so much?

Because he loved her even if she didnt love him until the end and he wanted to keep her safe

What is roy gardner infamous for?

i think because he was a bank robber

Why was bleeding love written?

i think bleeding love was written because the person singing wanted to express how they felt in the song and how much they loved somebody!

Did Michael Jackson spoil his children?

No, he didn't. I just think he did what every father wants to do for his children.He loved them, and he wanted to do what was best for them. He was definitely a loving father.

What was King Henry the viii favroute wife?

i think he loved Jane Seymour the most, she gave him the son and heir he had always wanted, and he was buried next to her.

What is the present perfect tense of love?

The present perfect tense of the verb love is have loved or has loved.We would say: I have loved, you have loved, we have loved, they have loved, he has loved, she has loved, and it has loved (although it is hard to think of a sentence using it has loved.)

Does alucard love seras?

I think he loved her at first, like he wanted her. Later on though it shows that he just loves her as a daughter. Ex: watch OVA 8

Do you think that Michael Jackson loved his father?

Yes he loved his father.

You are therefore you think or you think therefore you are?

If you can think, you must be. on the other hand, if you are, that doesn't necessarily mean you can think. so you think, therefore you are.

Was john pierpont Morgan a robber baron?

i think yes but im not sure????

Why is Thriller Michael Jackson's favorite song of his?

Michael Jackson loved the concept of scary movies and zombies and things. He loved trick or treating even though he couldn't experience it like he wanted to. So I think he just enjoyed being what he couldn't be in his past.

What is the name of latest movie of Angelina joelie?

I think it was Wanted I think it was Wanted

Is Desirae a pretty name?

If you think it is, then yes. Spelled as Desirée, it comes from the French and means object of desire. So if it's for your daughter, it would be a good way of telling her that she was loved and wanted.

Did Michael Jackson's succes affect his life?

I think success can affect anyone life, if it is good or bad. Michael loved being successful and loved what he did. I think the affect was only that he wanted to have a life like a normal human being just doing the same things me and you do everyday. The sad thing is it was not his success but just stupid people that have nothing to do!

What did matthew flinders think of australia?

he loved it

Which god loved Psyche?

I think it was Cupid

The importance of feeling loved and wanted?

It is very importnat for a girl and boy to feel loved, even when they are in their teens. If they don't feel loved then they try to fill that void by either alchol, drugs, sex, popularity, or abusing people. Many parents think that they should let their child do what ever, but the truth is is that they will always need their parent's love - both father and mother.

What philosopher stated 'I think therefore I am'?

Descartes said "I think, therefore I am"

Why did vmk closed?

well i never wanted vmk to close and my sister loved it but when we heard it was closing it was pretty sad.To all veiwers or players in [vmk] i think u feel upset too =[

What did people think about Prince Henry?

People loved him.

What is the most loved color in America?

I think blue

What did Michael Jackson think of Jermaine Jackson song tickle you fancy?

he loved it. because he loved his brother and he always will.

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