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Q: Why do you think many Americans admired the defenders of the Alamo?
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Was the Alamo a church?

i think that the Alamo is the church.

What did Julius Caesar's soldiers think of him?

they admired him

Who do you think Annie Oakley admired?

her father

What happened at the battle of Alamo?

The Battle of the Alamo followed a 13-day siege by the Mexican army (1,800 strong) against 189 defenders of the Alamo Mission in San Antonio, Texas, in 1836. The battle rallyed the Texas army and garnered support from America for the independence of Texas. The Texians wanted independence from Mexico, and the 189 defenders fought to the death for it. Santa Anna was the leader of the Mexican army and William B. Travis commanded the forces at the Alamo. It happened in San Antonio February 23 - March 6, 1836. Most historians agree that Mexican army casualties and losses numbered between 400 and 600, while all defenders of the Alamo were killed. However, some noncombatant slaves and women were spared, including Susanna Wilkerson Dickinson, her infant daughter, Juana Navarro Alsbury, her infant son, other Tejano women, and Travis's slave, Joe.

Were did the Battle of the Alamo take place at?


Why do you think so many Americans admired the cowhand as a hero?

Back in the western times you'd need a cowhand for various types of things because unlike us, people back then only had farms. That could be the reason so many people admired cowhands, or farmhands.

What year was the Alamo battle on?

1683 i think...

What are the colors of the Alamo?

I think Red, White, and Blue.

How many barracks did the Alamo have?

i think like 340

What did people think of hypatia?

She was greatly admired & respected for her knowledge & wisdom.

Is the Alamo haunted?

I think the Alamo is haunted, because a lot of soldiers died there and inside the Alamo there is a stone on the the ground and it says, "here lies the bones of four soldiers" or something like that

What are the colors of the Alamo flag?

I think Red, White, and Blue.