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Why do you think people long ago decide to name the constellations?


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they would name these constellations because when they were travailing they would makes names for the constellations to find their villages one famous name was Dakudo which means where the home is.

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It is an easy way of identifying groups of stars and labelling and naming stars within constellations. Many constellations are long established. So they are also commonly known by people, making it easier for people to understand what is being talked about, be they scientists or ordinary people who can identify constellations and stars.

You can see constellations every night as long as it is clear outside

As long as people have been on Earth, looking up at the night sky, constellations have been there. Ancient people began to see patterns of stars in the sky and gave them names and these have become the constellations.

No - they are made up of stars. As long as the stars are there, the constellations will be there too.

Constellations were used a very long time ago- before modern technology such as compasses- to navigate. People out at sea mostly would have understanding of the order and positions of stars to navigate at night. The constellations make these easier to remember. Also, some religions and groups of people thought that constellations were created by gods in their image or were the gods themselves.

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As earth orbits the sun, different constellations come into view while others disappear. Circumpolar constellations are visible all year long, other constellations are not.

Arthur William Long has written: 'The constellations as seen from South Africa on any night in the year' -- subject(s): Atlases, Constellations, Stars

Circumpolar constellations are visible all year long, depending on where you are viewing them from. At the north pole, or the south pole, some constellations are visible year-round, these are the circumpolar constellations. On the equator, there are no circumpolar constellations because of the earths rotation, that is why circumpolar constellations are at the "poles". Some of the circumpolar constellations can also be viewed from other parts of the same hemisphere, such as the big dipper and the little dipper, although they are circumpolar, they are also seen in other parts of the northern hemisphere. Circumpolar constellations in the northern hemisphere, will never be seen at the south pole, and vice versa. I hope this helped.

From our perspective, the sun moves through the zodiacal constellations, not Earth. But that takes approximately one year - since their are 12 constellations of the zodiac - one for each month.

because the circumpolar constellations are visible all year long and the others are not.

All of them. The 'constellations' are a human invention. They're all visible from any place that humans are, or are likely to go for a very long time in the future.

They didn't find out about constellations...Long time ago, it was easier to remember certain stars by grouping them with others, and naming that constellation to what the picture looked like (stars connected). I may be wrong, but this is what I've been taught. It was a long time ago, so if anyone has a different answer, or agrees with me, please post away :) !

All constellations are a long long way away from our Solar System.

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The original people to discover the Orion were probably the Babylonians or the Greeks because they were the first to name the constellations but it really never said who specifically because it was so long ago

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Stars have been seen in the sky as long as humans can remember. Constellations are just patterns of stars as we see them. Cancer is such a pattern. So the very first time a human being looked at the night sky was the very first time it was seen. Over time people began to name constellations. There are now 88 such constellations, which cover all the stars we see. Over the centuries some stars have changed from one to another by people re-designating them. The stars in constellations usually have no real connection to each other, but just happen to seem to be beside each other, when in fact they are huge distances from each other.

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