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Q: Why do you think scientists might be interested in chameleon?
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Is there any evidence that life exists beyond earth?

Well, Scientists might think there might be some kind of life on planet Mars. But Scientists don't think there's any more life.

Is the Jersey Devil real?

Ebenezer : It might be. It might not. Who are we to judge what the scientists think? The existence is in their hands, isn't it?

How often do you clean a chameleon tank?

you clean the chameleon 2 to5 days I think

Why are scientist interested in the study of other planets?

I think scientists are interested in the study of other planets because they are curious to learn if there is life on other planets, particularly intelligent life.

What might scientists think Europa has?

Europa may have lots of things that scientists may not know and it may have a rocky surface to.

Why are scientists interested in studying such a remote place and hostile place as Antarctica?

I think because to see if anything other things(or human beings) can live there. The Polar Ice Caps are melting, so they might be able to have humans live there.

Are scientists trying to prove or disprove religion?

Well, some scientists might think that science is better then religion, and go against it, some might think its bad, but just ignore doing anything, some might not care if its bad or not, and some might think its better then science. (Yeah maybe they just took the stupid job out of force!) Well that's my answer.

What are some reasons that scientists think living things may have existed on Mars approximately 4.5 billion years ago?

Scientists might think this because their coooooolllllll duuudddeeessss

Why are scientists are interested in meteorites?

I think this is because they are boring and want to no wht happens on other planets and it was a mistery so they tried to discover it.

Is a chameleon a producer or a consumer?

The chameleon is a consumer. It is not a plant, therefore, it is not a producer.

Can chameleon be kept in Singapore?

i dont think it can be

Why do chameleons change colors?

Most people think chameleons change color to camouflage into the background so they cannot be seen. While there are some chameleon-like lizards that do change colors for this reason, it's actually not the biggest reason for chameleons themselves.Scientists believe the main reason chameleons change color is to communicate with other chameleons and show off their mood! For example, some chameleons will change colors if they see another chameleon and are excited about it! Or they might also change colors when they're feeling scared or ready to defend themselves.Chameleons also sometimes change colors to adjust to temperature and light. A cold chameleon might turn to a darker color to help itself absorb more heat! A chameleon in bright sun might change colors to help itself reflect more light.

Why did scientists think that the thinning of the ozone layer might be related to CFC's?

They think that because of its components. It contains Chlorine which depletes the ozone.

What do scientists now think might be a posssible cause of continental drift?

The shifting of tectonic plates.

What does it mean if a girl keeps staring at you?

She could be interested in you, or maybe she might think your kind of weird.

Why might two scientists working on the same problem draw different conclusions?

because two people might think about the problem differently

What is the true colour of a chameleon?

Green-Brown?... ...I think.....

Why do scientist think that Europa might have the conditions for life to develop?

Scientists think there may be liquid water on Europa that we could live off of.

Why do scientists now think might be a possible cause of continental drift?

i dont really know how or why srry :{

Why do scientists think might be a possible cause of continental drift?

The shifting of tectonic plates under the earth.

Are the yeti or the abominable snowman exist?

Probably not but scientists think that there might be a similar being roaming the Earth.

What does it mean when a guy say your bi?

They probably mean that they think you might be interested in your own gender as well.

What it mean when a girl ask a boy what they think of her and they say why?

it means a the girl thinks you like her and might be interested in you

How does a chameleon change colors?

I think that a chameleon changes colors because they have several cell layers beneath its transparent skin.

Is a cheetahs faster than a chameleon?

Yes, they can run up to 70 miles per hour. I don’t think a chameleon can go that fast.