Why do you use WikiAnswers?

The answers here are "living documents," not just static discussions. This site is very much like Wikipedia - in fact, it uses a modified form of the same software - but the tone is slightly different. People can come by and modify an answer to weed out the garbage and enhance a correct answer. That's why this site used to be known as "FAQ Farm" ... where questions and answers could "grow".

I would use this site because I have nothing better to do and I could probably help out some people with their questions.

It is a way to do research for something or just find the answer to something that's been bugging you lately. It not only helps you, but it will help anyone else who wants to know that.

Basically, this site is just a different way to find and share information. Sure, you could Google it or use another search engine, but this seems more user-friendly. You ask exactly what you want to know, and usually, it gets answered fairly quickly. THIS SITE IS THE BEST ALWAYS USE IT

Because it has a lot of good answers for a lot of good questions

To learn and to teach.

While all this is true people are also extremely biased and don't always give answers that are unclouded by judgment.