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Melamine paint is very expensive as you know and they do come in colors. You don't have to use Melamine and oil based paint is just as good (although a little smelly.) Melamine smells terrible anyway. Oil based should be used (be sure if there is any paint in your bathroom already that it's oil based and not latex. If latex, then you have some sanding to do. You sand to rough up the surface. It's also good to put a white primer on the walls after sanding so you oil base will stay on properly. Oil base and Melamine are used because of the dampness of the bathroom and usually this is also used in kitchens. My husband only paints the tub surround with Melamine and the rest of the white woodwork with oil based paint. Marcy

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Q: Why do you use a melamine paint for the bathroom?
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Can you use latex paint over melamine paint?

No, it won't stick.

Can you mix melamine paint with latex paint?

Not if the melamine paint is oil (alkyd) based.

How do you paint a melamine table?

Painting melamine can be a little challenging but it is possible. You will need to sand the table lightly using a fine grit sandpaper in order for the paint to adhere, then you will need to prime it either using an oil based primer or a primer made especially for melamine. Once it is primed and dry, you can paint it using melamine paint.

What kind of paint do you use above a bathtub where water may splash?

Enamel or Melamine .

Can you paint melamine boards with acrylic paint?

No don't

Can you use interior latex pearl paint on your bathroom wall?

You can use interior Latex pearl paint on your bathroom wall. Pearl paint adds a special finish to the wall.

How do you remove melamine paint from a waterproof jacket?

You can remove melamine paint from a water proof jacket by applying mineral spirits to a rag and then scrubbing the jacket vigorously. If required, you can also use a scrubbing brush to remove dried in paint. Wash the jacket as per the instructions on the care label.

Can you purchase melamine paint in California?


Best paint finish when painting a bathroom?

When you are painting a bathroom you need to use a water resistant paint finish. There are many different brands, but as long as you get a water resistant finish you will not have problems with your bathroom paint.

Bathroom Paint ?

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Should you use latex paint in a mildew bathroom?


Can you spray paint bathroom faucet?

You need to prepare it properly and use the correct paint, Sure

While painting your countertop with melamine paint you accidentally spashed on a wood pillar and am having difficulty removing it?

Melamine is a urethane reinforced oil-based paint. You will have to use a commercial stripper. Your best bet is to read on your particular brand of paint's label for clean-up methods and see what they recommend. Varsol has been recommended for removing melamine paint. There are several other brands available. Be sure to ask for a stripper for melamine paint and be sure to tell them you are removing it from wood. Be advised that the wood finish may be damaged and will require refinishing. If the area is not too conspicuous, you may be able to accomplish this with a small spot treatment. Worst case, you'll have to refinish the entire pillar.

What paint should you use for vanity in bathroom?

I would use a gloss latex.

Bathroom Paint?

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What is melamine paint?

There is paint specifically made for painting Melamine boards, cabinets etc. I have used this and am very pleased with the results. It can be obtained at any major DIY store eg B & Q.

What type of paint for kitchen?

Semigloss on walls and melamine for cabinets.

Will a polyurethane paint adhere to a melamine shelf?

Yes, it works well with that.

Can you use acrylic latex in a bathroom?

The short answer is yes. The paint you put into a bathroom should have a gloss factor of satin of higher (it makes the paint harder and less permeable to moisture). Many latex and acrylic paints now come with mold inhibitor in them sold under the heading "bathroom" paint.

What type of paint should you use on plaster walls in a bathroom?

Melamine, or an oil based of a good brand name, and there are a few, I like BEHR. Don't cheap out, you'll pay in the end. Found an 'How to' Hope this helps

How long does acrylic paint hold on wall?

you spay 10 feet away and use 50 gallons of paint for a bathroom :)

What are alternate uses for interior paint?

You can paint pretty much anything with interior paint. You could use it to paint walls in any room of your house such as the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

What is a durable paint to use in a bathroom?

To paint a bath room you will need a interior paint. Any paint with lead base in it should do the job just fine. The best paint for a bathroom would be latex because they wipe down easily. Avoid lead paints because of the health risks!

What kind of paint should you use to refinish your bathroom vanity?

I use enamel semi-gloss or gloss.

Can you use masonry paint in a bath room?

As long as it is architectural or house paint, you can use it in a bathroom. However, an exterior grade paint will not wash or scrub as well as a paint formulated for interior use so a 100% acrylic interior paint in an eggshell or glossier sheen would be recommended.