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probably because of the qualities alkali and alkali earth metals have, i mean it could be a factor.....

secondly every element has ts own unique properties, thus, gold has a uniqueness others dont: malleable, shiny, soft, perfectly alloyed with other metals, resistance to corrosion, conductor of electricity, etc.

this is my answer from the top of my head.

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Q: Why do you use gold for jewelry and not sodium or magnesium?
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Why are silver and gold good metals to use for jewelry and magnesium is not?

Silver and Gold are very unreactive, meaning that they won't tarnish easily, or change colour. Gold is perfect because it never reacts at all where as silver does tarnish, so it isn't as highly prized. Also, Gold and silver don't burn. Burning magnesium is bright enough to blind you

What is the chemical formula for magnesium sodium and chloride?

Your question appears to lack some necessary detail. Sodium is Na Magnesium Chloride is MgCl2 "What is the equation for sodium and magnesium chloride?" = Na + MgCl2 Is that what you are asking or do mean what is the equation for sodium ___x___ and magnesium chloride? Magnesium chloride appears commercially as a solution in water from 0-35% MgCl2, or an anhydrous solid 98% MgCl2 or hexahydrate solid 47% MgCl2. What is the form of sodium you are trying to use? NaOH? NaCl? ??

Do people only use gold for jewelry?


What did Aztecs use to make jewelry for?

gold and feathers

What materials did the Aztecs use for jewelry?

gold and feathers

Why don't we make ships of sodium or magnesium?

We don't use them because they react with water. Sodium reacts quickly and quite violently, magnesium is slower, but would still be eaten away. In fact we deliberately use blocks of magnesium on the hulls of ships so that they will corrode in preference to the iron hull.

Can I use gold body jewelry to get pierced with?

Gold body jewelry is ideal to pierce with because it is less likely to cause allergies.

How does the chemical activity of gold account for the use in jewelry?

Gold is extremely inert and nonreactive. This means it does not oxidize or tarnish making it perfect for jewelry.

Who are the users of gold?

Everybody can use gold, but it can be found in computers and most electronics, in jewelry, and artwork.

Does Anglo gold use sodium chlorate in their mines?

Do Anglo Gold Ashanti use Hydrogen Peroxide in mining

Where can you use a gold overlay?

You can use a gold overlay as a cheaper alternative to acquiring gold jewelry. This saves on costs as the overall product is not using lots of expensive gold.

Where do you make a gold bar from jewelry?

You can't make a gold bar out of jewelry; it only works the other way around. In order to make jewelry out of a gold bar, you need: A mould (of whatever you want to make), A gold bar, The jewel you'd like to use (if any), and a furnace. Then use the gold bar on the furnace, and the crafting screen will pop up :) ~Lunelily