Why do you vomit with a inguinal hernia?

As with most medical concerns, only a visit with your physician will appropriately answer this question.

Vomiting with an inguinal hernia may be for a number of reasons. First, individuals with inguinal hernias may get the stomach flu (gastroenteritis) like anyone else; this may cause vomiting, although it's not related to the hernia per se.

Causes of vomiting related to the inguinal hernia include bowel obstruction (from a loop of bowel getting stuck within the hernia defect), strangulated bowel (when the blood supply to that loop of bowel becomes compromised), perforated bowel, and infarcted (dead) bowel. Other things may cause the nausea and vomiting, but these would be some of the more concerning.

If you have an inguinal hernia and experience vomiting that concerns you, please see a physician. Only she can evaluate you properly to assess the source of the vomiting and whether intervention is necessary.