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I would love to be a flight attendant for ____________ Airlines, because I have exceptional customer service skills and the ability to interact with people on a professional and personal level is one of my best assets.

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How long does it take to become a flight attendant?

approximately 2 years

Do flight attendants have many options for career advancement?

within the ""Flight Attendant"" career path there are advancement opportunities.&After working as a flight attendant for a couple of years, you can move on to supervise, then to a check Flight Attendant, then to a Supervisor of Flight Attendant groups, then a Base Manager (managing the entire flight attendant base) then to a VP or Director level position as Manager of Inflight.

What is the age of the oldest working flight attendant?

The eldest flight attendant is 63 years old, and it is an honor for her to still be flying the friendly skies

How old do you have to be to become a flight attendant?

21 years old no its aleast 18 well that is what it says on the virgnblue website and qantas website

How many years of college flight atteant do you have to go through?

You don't go to college for a flight attendant. First, you get a job with an airline and they will train you as an attendant.

What is a flight attendant supervisor?

I don't know whether what you meant is the flight purser or the head cabin attendant. They are the higher ranked flight attendants usually gained due to them working for over 25 years in the airline. They are responsible for overseeing all the activities of her cabin crews in the flight, often decides what to do in a certain situation and referred as the leader in the flight.

How much does a flight attendant make?

I was a flight attendant for 10 years and it all depends on how good you are,how nice you are to the people,etc but the highest you can get for this job is 45,000 I made around 40,000 Because I was nice but It all depends on how good you are the better the more money you make like most jobs.

Average salary for flight attendant?

Depending on if you are A scale or B scale, most airlines have two scales of pay and you reach A scale after you have put in the required years. I have been flying for 25 years and I am on A scale. I have a base pay of $2200.00 a month. I have pre diam pay and I am paid for any hours flown over 65 hours in the month. I make about $40,000.00 a year and work an average of 10 days a month. I fly as little as possible. Not bad pay for the number of days you work a year!

What are the qualifications needed to become a flight attendant?

You Need to be At least 18 Years of age And you must be trained to know what to do In a emergency Must speak english Also while not required, learning another language is always recomended. Other requirements vary by Airline

Do minors traveling internationally need notorized permission?

I have traveled as a minor before and I was assigned a flight attendant (great service by the way) they take you from plane to plane they make sure you get to your destination safely and on time. From 15 up you don't need an attendant if you know how to travel alone otherwise you have to. Less than 15 years old you need the flight attendant. They charge you for the service. Just check with the airline for fees.

How many years is the training of flight attendant?

well you could i had sexural relationships with ur mumma on the plane, and i reckon i learnt 20 nyears training on that btch.

What requirements are needed to be a flight attendant for United Airlines?

To be a flight attendant for United Airlines one must be friendly, polite, dependable, and physically fit. Also, one must be able to handle stressful situations and needs to be at least 21 years old, with a high school diploma. It is also preferred that they speak another language.

What is the maximun age of a flight attendant?

It depends on the airline, some may even reach until 50 years of age, but typically the younger you join the airline industry the more you will get opportunities in the airline, maybe as a flight purser for promotion.

What colleges have flight attendant courses?

It is rare, mostly it is offered only by an Airlines training school like Emirates Flight Crew Training Center, or Philippine Airlines Learning Center and could last for 2 years. There are some colleges offering flight attendant courses in England. But from where I am, I am studying Bachelor of Science major in Airline Management for 4 years. I think it is the only school in the world that offers like that as often it is only for 2 years. You can also substitute in majors such as Bachelor of Science major in Travel and Tourism Management.

How old is Uli Derickson?

Heroic flight attendant Uli Patzelt Derickson was 60 years old when she died on February 18, 2005 (birthdate: August 8, 1944).

How old do you have to travel alone on the plane?

16 or 18 Improve this: 5 years and older. However that child can not make a connection flight without paying an attendant a fee usually $75.00+

How long does it take to become a flight attended?

1-3 years but to become a horable fight attendent it takes 1-15 minutes.........

How long is flight attendant training?

I depends on an airline's training program, some may reach only 6 months while some reach 2 years for extensive training and education.

How do you become a Flight respiratory therapist Im currently a CRT?

I am a flight RT. You must have your RRT first, then it takes about five years of strong ICU experience. Good luck.

Flight Attendant?

A flight attendant is a member of an air crew that is responsible for the safety and comfort of an airline’s passengers. They ensure that emergency equipment is aboard and and that the passenger cabin is in order, with adequate supplies of food, beverages, and other amenities. As passengers enter the plane, flight attendants greet them and instruct them on where to place all carry on luggage. Before take off, flight attendants are required to demonstrate the use of emergency equipment and make sure that seatbelts are fastened, seat backs are in upright positions, and all carry-on items are properly stowed. In the event of an emergency, flight attendants must perform a variety of safety related actions such as, directing passengers who must evacuate a plane. Knowledge of such tasks gains a flight attendant an FAA certification. Airlines operate around the clock. Therefore, flight attendants may have to work on weekends, holidays, and nights. A high school diploma is required in order to pursue this career. Attending a flight attendant training program or school will give applicants a major advantage in acquiring a flight attendant position. Applicants for international airlines or international flights must generally speak a foreign language fluently. Airlines generally prefer graceful flight attendants who are able to communicate eloquently with others. In addition, there are appearence, height, and age requirements associated with the position. Lastly, applicants must be in good health and will be forced to undergo a background check. Competition for flight attendant positions has steadily increased throughout the years. Applicants with college degrees and experience in public relations are the most likely to get hired. The average salary for a flight attendant is $35,930 a year. In order to find a position, prospective flight attendants should call a variety of major airlines to inquire about employement opportunities. In addition, regional or charter airlines often offer a less competitive application process. If a candidate is called in for an interview, he or she should dress in business attire. Keep in mind that appearence is a major aspect of being a flight attendant. The ablity to communicate effectively during the interview will increase one’s chances of being hired.

How have birds changed throughout millions of years to become better fliers?

there body structure became better adapting for flight

Learn About A Denver Flight Attendant Career?

DutiesThe primary job duty of a Denver flight attendant is to oversee the safety of the passengers and to provide assistance during an emergency. Other responsibilities include serving refreshments or meals to the passengers, administering first aid, checking seat belts, greeting passengers, answering questions and making announcements. Flight attendants also calm nervous passengers and keep the passengers comfortable during flight. Attendants typically fly 65 to 90 hours each month and work on the ground 50 hours a month preparing the plane for flight and processing paperwork.RequirementsFlight attendant applicants must meet certain requirements before being considered for a job in this field. A high school diploma or GED is necessary and college hours or courses in flight attendant training are helpful, but not required. The age requisite is typically 18 to 21 years old and candidates must meet specific height and weight requirements. Passing a physical examination, vision test and a 10 year background check is mandatory for this job.TrainingBefore starting a career as a flight attendant in Denver, applicants will receive three to six weeks of formal training from an airline flight training center. Training includes emergency procedures, airplane evacuation, emergency systems and equipment operations, water survival and first aid procedures. In addition, learning how to manage disorderly passengers and handling a hijacking situation is also covered in training. Flight attendants must learn flight rules and regulations, company policy and personal grooming and weight discipline methods. Near the end of training, prospective flight attendants will fly on practice flights and complete a FAA safety examination.BenefitsBenefits of becoming a flight attendant often include free or discounted airline tickets, health, dental and life insurance, a retirement plan, sick leave, paid holidays and vacations. While on duty, flight attendants receive a meal and hotel allowance through the airline.SalaryThe potential entry level salary for a Denver flight attendant is approximately $20,150 a year and increases to an average salary of $30,260 per year. Experienced flight attendants can expect to make in the range of $36,970 a year. Flight attendants receive pay raises based on an established pay scale instead of through performance.

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