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being a cabin crew it always gives a chance to interact with different people with different culture and religion and region. secondly i want to explore my world in my own way.

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Why you want to become cabin crew?

Only you can know why YOU want to become a member of the cabin crew.

Why you want to be a cabin crew?

because this is my dream and this is i want to be!

Why you want to be cabin crew?

A person may choose to be on the cabin crew because they want to travel on a cruise line. They may also have the qualities needed by a cabin crew, including a passion for keeping guests happy.

What are the questions asked in interview for the post of cabin crew?

Why you want to be cabin crew member What are your skills What experience do you have What are your ambitious Why do you want to join the crew Have you ever lost your temper What are your weaknesses and strengths

Cabin crew interview questions?

why you want to be cabin crew? what s your skills? what s your ambitious? why do you want ti join fly dubai? have you ever lost your temper ? whats your weaknesses and strenghts? s

Why teamwork is important for cabin crew?

reason for teamwork cabin crew

Why do you want to become Cabin Crew?

Cabin crew is my ideal job because its responsibilities are exactly what am looking for in a job. I want a job where i can work as part of a team, meet people of different cultural backgrounds get to travel all over the world whilst delivering exceptional customer service to customers. Princess chioma amobi

What the documents that a cabin crew needs to carry while the duty?

cabin crew certificate,medical certificate of fitness, cabin crew manual, passport with valid visa

What are the Deuties of Cabin Crew?

Cabin crew are primarily responsible for the safety of passengers and crew onboard the aircraft and secondly their welfare.

Why you want to work as a cabin crew?

to enjoy the benefits of travelling all over the world

Why would you want to be cabin crew with ryanair?

To earn an income and have a job that's different.

Answers for strength and weakness of cabin crew?

A cabin crew should have the courtesy, respectful language, and discreetness as strengths. A weakness of the cabin crew would be an unconcern for guests comfort.

What are the differences between a cabin crew member and a taxi driver?

Differentiate in no more than 300 words between an efficient cabin crew member and an inefficient cabin crew member

What is the difference between cabin crew and air stewardess?

what is the difference between air hostess and cabin crew

'What is the relation between cockpit cargo and cabin crew?

'What is the relation between cockpit cargo and cabin crew?

Why did you choose cabin crew career?

Why did you choose a cabin crew career? This question needs to be edited as it makes no sense.

What are the roles and responsibilities for the cabin crew?

The main role of a cabin crew is to ensure passenger safety.. By chioma amobi

How many cabin crew is needed on the Airbus A380?

It would need 10 to 20 cabin crew members.

How much does the cabin crew earn a month?

This question needs further info. Cabin crew on a ship? On an airplane?

The people who work in the airplane?

Flight deck crew. Cabin crew

Cabin crew interview?


What is cabin crew?

A cabin crew is the members of staff aboard a commercial aircraft, employed to ensure the safety and comfort of other passengers.

When was British Airways Cabin Crew Entertainment Society created?

British Airways Cabin Crew Entertainment Society was created in 1970.

Can you work as cabin crew with Dyslexia?


What does a pilot do at the airport?

One of the cabin crew ?