Why do you want to go school for education?

PLEASE READ THE FULL ANSWER !! i know its long

this is a really nice question , but i guess the answer's are much more complicated.
basically in a society , everybody has a role to play , like a postman deliver's letters , an engineer builds newer technologies , a doctor cures the sick , the soldier protects the people , the lawyer fights for justice.
so everybody in a society has a role to play , and they must be prepared and qualified to take part in their assigned role.
like a doctor must study medicine , etc

even the basic role players of the society like bus driver, postman , plumbers , mason (guy who builds house) , must have a minimum schooling , to know about basic things , like language counting etc

so you see to take an active role in the society , one must take up education and prepared for it , beside what would you do if not studying or playing , PLEASE DONT TELL ME NOTHING