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Mars has weaker gravity than Earth does due to its lower mass, so you weigh less on Mars.

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Because there is less gravity on Mars.

Earthlings would weigh less on Mars ' gravitational pull is weaker than Earth's .

9.7% less than you weigh on Earth, 138% more than you weigh on Mars.

About 2 times less, so if you weigh 50 pounds on Earth, you would weigh about 18(mars is a bit less massive than half the size of earth) on Mars.

There is less gravity on mars, it has only 37.6% of earths gravity. If you weigh 100lbs on Earth, you would weigh 37.7lbs on Mars. Mars is smaller than Earth so the effect that gravity has on anything there is lower than it is on Earth

Mars is a lot less massive than Earth. Therefore gravity is less than you would experience on Earth. Gravity on Mars is about 38% that of what you experience on Earth. Therefore is you weigh 100kg on Earth, you would only weigh 38kg on Mars.

Yes. Mass is constant. However, you would weigh less on Mars.

Because Mars is less massive than the earth therefore gravity is "weaker". You would weigh about one third of what you weigh on earth. Because it is smaller, thus containing less gravity.

You would weigh very slightly less on Mars than on Mercury.

Mars has a lower density and is also about half the size of the earth. the resulting combination leaves mars with a much less gravitational pull (about 62% less). This means that someone weighing 160 lbs on earth would weigh about 61 lbs on mars.

Yes. The gravity of Mars is only 1/3rd of Earth's at the surface. If you weighed 120 pounds on Earth, you would only weigh 40 pounds on Mars (without a spacesuit).

Your weight depends on the gravity, and Mars, being a smaller/lighter planet has less gravitational pull than the earth.

well it matters on how many pounds you would weigh on earth....... ex. 100=37.6 lbs

because there is no gravity on mars and it doesnt pull down on the object to make it heavier

how to figure out wath i weigh on mars

The gravity on Mars is considerably less than it is on Earth, so while the buggy still has the same physical mass, its relative weigh it considerably less.

This question is harder than it might seem. The answer is: You would weigh less on both Venus and Mars. You would weigh more on Jupiter. As regards Saturn, you could weigh more or less depending where on the planet you were. For example, at Saturn's equator the effect of the planet's rotation would be enough to reduce your effective weight to less than your Earth weight.

You will have the same mass on Mars, but since martian gravity is only about 37% of Earth's, you will weigh less there than here.

The planet Mars is smaller than Earth and has a weaker gravitational field. As a result, people on Mars would weigh less than they do on Earth.

The mass and diameter of the planet Mars is less that of Earth so there are changes to how the gravity effects you. This would cause a normally 150 pound person to only weigh 56 pounds on Mars.

U wud weight less x coz not much gravitational force x

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