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Why do young children have a tendency to lie?

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Children are learning what the world is about. They'll always press the limits, and to them there is no such thing as a lie, it's just about making the adults happy. They BELIEVE a lot of the stuff they say, and the things that they DON'T believe, they're just trying to "get along". The responsibility of the adult is to teach the children how to survive in the world. Morality is difficult to teach, especially when children watch the television and hear political leaders equivocate by redefining the meaning of "I did not have sex with that woman." As a society, we're moving away from traditional moral values, partially because of the lessons that are taught by Hollywood, Video Games and the media, and partially by what they are taught when they read the news.

2006-08-23 02:34:11
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Do alcoholics have a tendency to lie?

It's true, alcoholics have a tendency to lie. Because their main concern in life is drinking alcohol, anything else that might get in the way, such as honesty, will usually be sacrificed.

How do you know if a friend is a pathological liar?

you know your friend is a pathological liar basicly if they always have a tendency to lie and if they lie their way to deep in the lie to tell the truth. or if they constantly lie to cover up another lie and so on.

Why does the stork bring babys?

They don't. The Stork tale is a lie told to young children to keep their innocents. I don't know why parents to that.

If grownups lie to children why cant children lie to grownups?

You can. I told my parents that i was riding my tricycle, when actually, I was sodomizing the cat.

If grown ups lie to children then why cant children lir to grownups?

If grown ups lies to children sometimes, but they do not want the children to lie because when you lie you will be dishonest, untrusted, you can lose your best friends, you can cause a conflict, you can get hurt, you can get in trouble and so much more. That is you must not lie and parents who lies to their children you must not because all of this can happen to your child or children and it can also happen to you.

Is spongebob only for young children?

yes it is for young children.

What are the pros and cons of teaching young children?

Pros and Cons of Teaching Young ChildrenThe pros of teaching young children are:Young children learn quickly and are like sponges in that they soak up information.Young children are eager to learn.The activities that are used to teach young children can be fun for them, which means it can be fun for the teacher.Hands-on learning activities are easy to use with young children, making the hum-drum of handouts unnecessary.Young children are generally eager to cooperate and do what is expected of them.The cons of teaching young children are:The children are immature.Closer supervision of young children is necessary, since some may tend to roam.

How can a 9 year old love me?

It depends on the type of the love. Children have tendency to love naturally. So if this is natural then it is natural.

Why do parents lie?

The reason parents lie is often to protect their children, or to protect themselves.

Who are young children?

Young children are kids aged from 4 to 11

As a young man George Washington was said to be very honest anf that he never told a WHAT?

A lie, which is a lie

What is the Hebrew word for young children?

young children, toddlers = taf (טף)

How many children did cy young have?

Cy Young and his wife, Robba, had no children.

Does Vince Young have any children?

no. Vince young wasn't married AND had no children.

What does population explosion mean?

children and teens having children at a young age children and teens having children at a young age

Why are people so afraid to admit that Christ had children?

Because it is a lie and no one wants to lie about God.

Do children have anything in common with goats?

Young children and young goats are called kids.

Can hospices help babies and young children?

Yes Young mothers and Children hospices

What part of speech is young?

Young is an adjective (young children) and a noun (the young).

Why children lie?

Children often lie out of fear. If they did something they know they shouldn't have, they know that if they tell the parent they will be punished. Children consider lying a much more reasonable way to do things; they often do not consider the consequences.

I want a Facebook but I'm to young?

LIE. I DID. you could lie but lieing bad so don't lie just delete your facebook then when you 14 or above 13 then you can make it

What is Piaget's philosophy of music for young children?

what is jean piaget's philosophy on music for young children

Do parents lie to their kids about the Easter bunny?

If you mean lie by telling them the Easter bunny exists, then yes, parents do tell their children that harmless lie, just as their parents did before them.It brings a sense of innocence and enjoyment in childhood so that when the child grows, they are appreciative of the moments when they were young and all they believe in was true to them, even if only for a little while.

Do young children have patellas?

It depends on what you mean by 'young'. If you mean young as in baby young, possibly. Though, when children are capable are going into the first grade, they have patellas, so they classify as young.

What are the rights of young children and young persons?

to have freedom