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Why do young people use marijuana?

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In reality each individual has their own reason therefore there is no one answer. With access to the internet many people young and old are becoming aware of its abundant health benefits and lack of danger as well as it's rapidly spreading legalization.

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What drug can start young people on a path to use other illegal drugs?

It's believed by some that marijuana can start young people on a path to the use other illegal drugs

Why people use marijuana?

To get high. Why else?

Are People Mislead For The Use Of Marijuana?


Why do young people think it is OK to smoke marijuana?


How long will it take for marijuana to kill you?

There have been no cases of people dying from marijuana use.

How many people in Australia use Marijuana?

marijuana is the most used illegal drug in austraila.

How many people in 2008 use marijuana?

A LOT!!!!

How many people in Georgia use marijuana?

About 6,000

How many people use weed or marijuana?


What effects does marijuana have on young people?

One major concern about marijuana is its possible effects on young people as they grow up. Research shows that the earlier people start using drugs, the more likely they are to go on to experiment with other drugs. In addition, when young people start using marijuana regularly, they often lose interest and are not motivated to do their schoolwork. The effects of marijuana can interfere with learning by impairing thinking, reading comprehension, and verbal and mathematical skills. Research shows that students do not remember what they have learned when they are "high".

How many people use marijuana for medical purposes in the u.s. or are under conditions in which they could use medical marijuana?


How addicting is marijuana?

depends on person to person marijuana is generally addictive but few people starts hating it even in that state of mind they can use marijuana if they get it, addiction enhance with regular use .........

Why do people in Australia use marijuana?

Because they benefit from it in a number of ways. It's for the same reasons that roughly two hundred million (200 million) people around the World also enjoy marijuana (Cannabis). My question is "Why would people in Australia NOT use marijuana?"

Does marijuana that is baked do anything to your body?

If you a heavy marijuana user then no If your new to marijuana uses then use I haven't tried it, but in the 60s marijuana brownies were supposed to make people high.

Why was marijuana criminalised?

The use of marijuana can cause those who use it to become psychologically dependent on it. This can cause them to do whatever they can to fulfill their desire for marijuana. They may commit acts of violence, or breaches of the law, all to get more marijuana. The criminalization of marijuana was supposed to provide harsh consequences for those who opened their lives to the evils of marijuana. Marijuana was criminalized because the users of marijuana become dependent on it and often do things that they would not do if they were not psychologically dependent on marijuana. The criminalization of marijuana theoretically will help more people abstain from use of marijuana because of the harsh consequences. Marijuana can be harmful to the human body, some people also say there are benefits.

Why would people use marijuana?

They think they look cool

How people use marijuana?

Generally they either smoke it or eat it.

What makes people use marijuana?

Nothing makes people use it. It's just a choice many people make.

What do people use marijuana for?

Different reasons I smoke marijuana because there is problems in this world and i need it like a medicine.

How does marijuana affect the brain of a young person long term or short term?

How does a marijuana affect the brain of the young generation

Who does marijuana influence?

Young teens

What percentage of us citizens smoke marijuana -?

The answer to this will never be accurate because many people who use marijuana say that they don't.

Is it dangerous to smoke marijuana just once?

I would not think that marijuana is dangerous, but it might make people think differently of you. I would not use marijuana just for fun, use it as a natural painkiller, because thats what it is.

Can you smoke sage?

Yes, many people use it as a substitute for marijuana.

What kind of people use marijuana?

pot head losers who have no lives