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bad motor

2006-12-15 06:55:28
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What were the results of the atomic bomb tested?

it worked

Where did the atomic bomb get tested?

If it was WW2 they had two bombs and they tested one and it worked and then they blew up the dam.

How to clean the headlight lens on your Volkswagen Beetle?

My Beetle is a 2002 it had some bad yellowing of the headlights, I tried The Headlight Solution at , the advanced headlight restoration kit worked great, it was fast, and easy. Good Luck.

99 Camaro volts drops then recover and headlight flicker while driving?

I had the same problem with my Camaro (also a 99). The alternator was beginning to go and it was arcing. I had it tested and the problem was so small the test did not register the problem. As soon as I replaced it though, everything worked fine.

Are Homedepot freight team members drug tested for employment?

yep worked there for two years

Why was the atomic bomb tested at white sands?

large test area and to see if bomb worked

Does Wal- mart drug test?

Yes they do. I worked for them 15 years ago and they tested me then. Tested me after I got hurt 13 years latter & was fired for failing the test.

2000 dodge neon horn will not workI tested the horn on the battery and it worked?

check horn relay.

How do you know when your gonorrhea is gone?

Wait for 2 weeks after treatment and get tested again to confirm treatment worked.

What is wrong when headlights don't work on a 65 mustang?

the newer bulbs that replace the older ones draw more power and overheat the headlight switch. buy a new headlight switch and try that, it worked on my 67.

Does Hollywood video drug test?

well my brother worked at Hollywood video and never got drug tested

How do you make a theory?

A theory is an idea that has worked when tested under experimentation and observation and is yet to be prooven wrong. So work out how to from there.

Does Jackson hewitt drug test?

No. they do not. I have worked at Jackson Hewitt for 8 years and have never been drug tested at all.

Why doesnt my Black ops ascension map wont load?

Try to deleted ur account then recover it... Worked for me :)

What are the chances of getting pregnant if your partner has had a vasectomy?

If he has gone back to have it tested, I'd say none. If he hasn't then there is no gautantee that it worked properly.

Why were the materials chosen in Crayola crayons?

crayons are mostly made of wax. wax was chosen because when it was tested on paper it worked well.

What is french chemist Louis Pasteur known for?

Pasteur discovered that boiling instruments disinfected them from microbes. he tested his vaccination on sheep and worked!

On club penguin how do you move stuff in peoples igloo?

sorry it doesnt work no more it hasn't worked in half of a year some tranieres and that doesnt work because club penugin updated

When your PSP is freez what to do?

Restart it by holding your power switch up. If it doesnt worked then just wait for battery to shut down

Do the iPod toch break easaily?

No it doesnt break easy. It is a good product. I have one and if has worked fine NO problems. Have Fun

Do the 1999 and 2000 Taurus use the same radiator overflow reservoir?

a 99 is a different body style than a 2000 doesnt have the same radiator i do autobody i have worked on both models so no it doesnt

Is the human body a conducter?

Well the human body is mostly water which is a great conducter and I tested it (with a circuit) and found that it worked. So, yes.

When were medicines invented?

to stop people getting ill and they tested them but sometimes they didn't help them but they kept trying and it finally cured someone and worked :) x

How do you replace the front turn signal bulb located on a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Grab the front headlight and pull with both hands, the headlight will pop out and you will be able to remove the bulb. Set the headlight aside, you will then be able to twist and remove the front turn signal lamp. After you get the turn signal bulb out, most parts stores in my area do not have a replacement bulb available when you ask them to look up the bulb on their computer. But a Sylvania 2057LL worked just fine in my 95 GC. Everything above worked for me on my 95 GC except the replacement bulb was an 1156.

How do you take the rev limiter out of a 1991 350 Chevy?

it doesnt sound orthodox but cut the tach wires to the dash, it worked on my 94 with a 350.