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hey look into getting a head gasket done you might be loading up and the only way to keap it running is to burn it off check your heads for pits or holes. What is the shaking? like where is it coming from and is it missing at all? if so check plug wire and plugs egr valve fuel pump ?

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Q: Why do your 96 dodge neon shake really bad idling and you have to pat the gas really fast to keep it running It has a ignition coil and fuel injection?
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Could be a problem with one of the coils. It has 4

Why would a vehicle shake when in park?

Is the engine running?! If so, you've got a rough idle. Could be bad ignition timing, or the ignition (suppression) wires are worn out. Or perhaps you've got a vacuum leak. If the car really shakes when you rev the engine, you mighta busted an engine mount.

Why is my 1998 Chevy Cheyenne idling really rough?

I would suggest a new set of plug wires.

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How can in get the key to turn in the ignition of a 2009 Chevy Cobalt?

I have 2008 and had same problem the ignition had to be replaced was really fast less than an hour they did it.

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1992 Honda civic lx wont stay running I know it's an ignition problem any help fuses are good has fuel has spark.Bad ignition switch?

Hi, I've been having the same problem myself. If you can start the engine, but it won't keep running when you release the key, yes, it is likely that the ignition switch is faulty. Can you keep the engine running by holding the key in between start and on positions? For some reason I can't find a new ignition switch on sale (electrical portion of the switch) for 5th generation civics (92-95)-- whenever you look for it, you can only find the whole ignition lock assembly. The really puzzling part is that some of them are very expensive ($270-350) and some of them are much cheaper ($60) although the photos of those parts look almost identical. If you are DIY kinda person and try to fix it yourself, good luck, and let me know how it turned out.

Why does your car lose RPM when driving?

If you mean why the difference in RPMs between idling and driving, the difference is due to the engine load; At idle, the engine isn't really doing much other than staying running, but under load (driving) the engine has to put its power out to the drivetrain, hence the symptomatic loss of engine speed (RPMs).

What would cause the starter to ford ranger keep cranking after the key is turned of on a?

The problem could either be a stuck starter solenoid or a bad ignition switch. He's right, I would lean toward the ignition switch first, but I once had a bobcat that had the contacts in the solenoid fuse together and keep running. I think it was because of a lot of continuous cranking making them really hot.

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